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Short Story

My name’s Carla. I’m 38 years old and married to George, a rich businessman. I’d describe myself as petite, very curvy but toned. I go to the gym every day of the week and love to keep fit. I live in the most beautiful leafy suburb and my daughter, who’s 13, goes in the best private school in the centre of town. It’s an amazing school with very high standards but the downside has always been the parking near and around it at pick-up times as all the mums, some more friendly than others, arrive at the same time. To avoid this chaos I recently started to park in a street adjacent to the school, not far and with plenty of space to park. I had been parking my red convertible there, outside a set of luxurious flats, for few weeks and with my daughter walking from the school to my car, there was no more traffic or parking issues.

Then last Thursday, which I remember being a beautiful hot day, I arrived very early. As I parked that day, I paid more attention to the over-looking flats and noticed one of the first floor. I noticed it because it had a huge balcony on which, I quickly spotted, standing there topless, a young fit guy parading his tanned body. He was looking at me, across the street, openly staring in my direction. At first, I felt embarrassed but couldn’t help myself and kept looking at his athletic frame. 

After a little while he waved. “What am I supposed to do?” I thought to myself. Naively, maybe, I decided to wave back. I kept on looking at him, smiling, as if I was hypnotised by his youth. 

He waved again, but this time in a “Come in!” kind of way. I had always been a good faithful wife but I couldn’t deny that the offer from this hot guy was rather exciting me. He soon repeated the gesture, still looking down from his balcony. My heart started racing. I hesitated and then, suddenly, I got my keys out of the ignition, promptly got out of my car before locking it quickly. I crossed the street, running as well as I could in my heels, with my short red summer dress floating in the wind. 

 As I approached the building, I heard a voice shout “Number 6!”. I reached the intercom, pressed the “Flat 6” button and made my way up to the first floor. As I got there, I noticed the door of the flat directly opposite the lifts was ajar. I walked towards it nervously, hoping it was the right place. My legs felt weak with anticipation… The door opened and the guy from the balcony appeared. He couldn’t be older than 20 and was extremely handsome. 

 “Hey, I’m Jay” he said, “I..I’m…I’m Carla” I hesitantly replied before walking in. He asked if I wanted a cold drink but as we stood face to face, I realised I had to be straight to the point; “Look” I said, "I don’t really know why I’m here but I only have 20 mins before my daughter comes out of school”. Jay smiled; “You know exactly why you’re here” he replied. Yes, I knew why I was there. I was there because I was feeling the urge to be fucked senselessly by this strong young guy I knew nothing about. 

 He came closer and started kissing my neck. I could feel his hands rubbing all over my body, moving my dress up and down as he touched my firm ass, which was grateful to get this attention. It felt so good and I was so turned on. I could feel my thong getting very wet, my nipples getting harder and my body shivering with excitement. My pussy was eager to be touched and it didn’t take long. Jay moved his right hand towards the inside of my legs, before moving my thong to the side to tease my clit with two of his fingers. I gasped. It had been years since I had felt that aroused and, I must say, since I had been touched like this. He was making me so wet and couldn’t wait anymore for his hard cock; “Oh just take me, please just bloody take me!” I begged. He pushed me against a wall, opened my legs a little wider and started fingering me harder and deeper. I reached for his shorts and could feel his hard dick ready for me. “Give it to me now, I’m ready for it” I whispered in his ear. He happily obliged and quickly pulled his shorts down, revealing this large thick cock before pushing hard it inside me. I screamed with pleasure. “Is that what you wanted?” he asked. “Oh yes, oh god, Yes!” I replied, breathless. Within few seconds, he was fucking me really hard and I was loving it. His hard cock, lubricated with my cum, was sliding really easily in and out of my wet pussy. I remember screaming so loud as I felt myself climaxing. It felt so so tense! 

 Even with the balcony windows still wide opened, I wasn’t thinking at all about my screams being heard down the street below. I was being fucked like never before and kept on wanting more. Jay wasn’t done with me. He pulled his hard dick out of my dripping pussy before bending me over the table close by. His huge cock was soon again inside me, with his balls relentlessly smacking against my ass as he was fucked me like like a rag doll. Like I was this worthless bitch. I was loving it all. Jay’s moans got louder, I could tell he was close to cumin… “Give it to me!” I repeated while holding on to the table with both hands as he was now fucking me even harder while using a finger to tease my ass hole. I had never done anything like this before and I felt dirty but again, I was happily taking it all in. 

 “I’m cumin!” Jay screamed loudly as his body tensed up behind me. I, too. was very close to having my second orgasm of the afternoon. I started rubbing my clit as Jay was pounding me harder and harder. Until suddenly I felt his warm cum exploding inside me. He had so much of it that most of it was dripping down my legs but I felt numb and too fucked to move. Until I suddenly noticed the time that is! I had only had a couple of minutes to get back to my car… “I’ve got to go Jay, I’ve got to go!” I said pulling away from his big cock out of my pussy dripping with wet of our mixed juices before trying to find my thong. 

As I put it back on, I looked up. Jay was smiling; “I hope to see you soon”, he said. Unexpectedly, as I smiled back, I heard a deep manly voice coming from a corner of a room I had paid no attention to, say : “Me too, very entertaining…”. Utterly shocked, I looked at Jay. “Sorry, I should’ve introduce you to my flatmate sooner” he said softly with a grin on his face. I felt used but somehow enjoyed the thought that I had been watched being fucked…

 I quickly kissed his cheek and promptly made my way out. 

 I hadn’t been back a minute that my daughter appeared at the corner of the street. She got in the car and I drove off, looking forward to the next school run..