Snowed In 110632344114

Short Story

There was enough oil in the tank for heating—thank God—but for light they had to use candles. They had hot water but no fridge, although with snow waist deep outside a fridge wasn’t too much of a loss.

 “How much longer, do you think?” Gillian asked.

 Adam shrugged—how was he meant to know?

 “But it’s been two days,” his sister whined. “I’m going insane.”

 Adam dropped the cards to the table and glanced towards the ceiling. “Weren’t you going for a bath an hour ago?” he asked.

 Gillian shrugged, pouting. “Well, I was, but I’ve been kicking your arse.” She grinned and waved what was likely another winning hand in her brother’s face.

Chagrined by seven consecutive losses, Adam rose to his feet, the back of his legs almost toppling the chair. “Yeah, well,” he snapped, “I was probably just letting you win to stop your constant moaning on.”

 Gillian’s ire rose at the unfairness of his remark. “I’m bored shitless, Adam. It was your suggestion to come here in the first place. It’s fucking February—you know what it gets like here in winter.”

 The inevitable argument was curtailed by a sudden guttering of the candle, shadows jittering against the wall.

 “Shit,” spat Adam, jaw tense. “We need another.”

 The pressures were getting to him. Adam felt himself slowly winding tight. The urges were getting out of control, being so close to her was agony and her constant questions he had no answer to were also driving him mad.

 “I’ll get it,” replied Gillian as she laid her cards on the table. She went to the big box next to the old sofa. “There’s only four left,” she said, dismayed by the diminished stock.

 Seeing his sister’s anxiety, Adam softened. He sighed and brought himself under control by immense will. “We’ll have to ration them.”

 Gillian blinked, eyes shining. Close to tears, she chewed on her bottom lip and asked, “Do you reckon it’ll be much longer? It stopped snowing yesterday. Surely they’ll have teams out?”

 Supressing the desire to shout at her, Adam went to his sister and hugged her. “We’ll be okay, Gill,” he said, the scent of her hair in his nose. “We’ve got food and heating. Light we can do without. There’s water…” he finished. God, didn’t holding her feel so good.

 Adam’s body reacted in the usual way. His cock thickened and grew stiff, carnal urges rising while flesh swelled.

 Apparently oblivious to her brother’s tumescence, Gillian sighed and pulled away. “Can I take this one upstairs? She held up the candle. “For my bath?”

 Forcing back the urge to grab his sister and kiss her Cupid’s bow lips, Adam pulled a face and nodded. “Absolutely,” Adam readily agreed, with the spyhole at the forefront of his thoughts. He would sacrifice one candle to see Gillian naked.

 “Thanks,” Gillian said, offering her brother a soft smile. “I’m sorry for being such a whiny bitch.”

 She lit the fresh candle just in time, the old one finally sputtering into extinction, a thin dribble of dark smoke signalling its demise.

 “I won’t be long,” Gillian said.

 Adam snorted and he feigned jocularity. “Yeah, right, you’ll be an hour in there, Gill.” Which suited Adam just fine.

 Laughing, his sister left him alone. “Don’t get scared down here on your own!” she called as she went up the stairs.

 Adam sat in the big chair and thought about what he was about to do. Self-loathing at his weakness and a dark thrill of the illicit filled him in equal measure—a devil on one shoulder, an angel on the other. At first the angel had the upper hand and Adam fought to supress the forbidden urge to spy on his sister. But, even as he listened to the virtuous whispering in his mind, Adam the devil would murmur some narcotic utterance and he would eventually succumb.

 Remember what she looks like naked? Remember those tight tits and that sweet pussy? Go on, you have to go. She’s up there now—she’s all bare, Adam. Think about it. Think about her perfect body. Think about looking at her while you stroke your cock. His thoughts drifted, cock pulsing when images of his sister’s nudity came to mind.

 The desire to masturbate rolled over him while he recalled the detail of lean, toned thighs, her tight tummy and high, perky tits. Adam massaged his aching cock through his jeans and imagined pebble nipples in the tiny pale coins of Gillian’s areolae.

 Groaning, he squeezed, the fantasy drifting dreamlike while Adam imagined kissing Gillian’s plump pussy, her vulva depilated, the pubic bush razored to a precise landing strip at the apex of her slit.

 Breath hissed out of Adam, his throat working. No—don’t do it. Be strong. She’s your sister!

 Jack-knifing out of the chair he stumbled towards the kitchen, feeling his way through the dark by touch and memory. Adam found the wine and drank straight from the bottle, rooting about for a glass would only lead to a breakage.

 “Come on,” he groaned through gritted teeth. “Get a grip…”

 He rested his backside against the kitchen counter and swigged again, the sharp tang of the grape making him gasp.

 Impressions assaulted him as he tried to force Gillian from his head. Instead he focussed on his parents and their dilemma, wondering briefly if they would find a way back from the brink of divorce.

 Would they kiss and make up?

 Despite being an adult he was still upset by the threat of his mum and dad breaking up, the very concept of their parting was almost inconceivable.

 Memories tumbled in his mind while Adam recalled happier times, a lot of them centred on the cottage he and Gillian were currently stranded in—their maternal grandparents’ home where they had spent so many summers.

 Gillian. His thoughts returned to his sister. She’s naked. Upstairs. Right now she’s in the bath, her skin all wet and shiny. Think about her, think about her little tits and perfect bottom. Imagine touching her! Imagine tasting her pussy!

 Adam sucked in a deep breath and fought against urge to climb the stairs. Even in the dark he was confident he could find the way without incident. He could sneak into the bedroom and press his eye to the adjoining wall. He could spy on his sister in the bath and soak up the detail of her nudity, storing up stock of memories for masturbatory fantasy.

 “Shit,” he muttered when heavy lust dragged somewhere deep and indefinable inside him. “God, Gill,” Adam groaned. “Why are you so fucking hot?”

 Unable to resist the temptation he stood up, the need driving him, yearning a deep, aching void in the pit of his stomach.

 “One more time, I promise. This is the last time…” Adam stealthily made his way to the stairs, ascending with the furtiveness of a burglar, careful to tread lightly and to avoid the creaking step three treads from the top.

 He paused on the landing, legs trembling while his heart leapt in his chest, a deep, rapid lub-lub sounding in his ears. Adam hesitated, willing himself to turn back, to leave it alone.

 But, inevitably, as he’d known he would all along, he found himself creeping along the corridor.

 Adam’s throat worked as he peered through the small hole he’d dug in the wall. In the past he’d used the tiny aperture to spy on his mother, wanking himself dry over her large breasts and dense bush, all manner of lewd fantasies crossing the cinema screen inside his head.

 In those days his sister held no attraction whatsoever. With Adam ten years Gillian’s senior the idea had never occurred to him. However, now she was nineteen and grown so lovely he couldn’t stop himself from doing so. A couple of days earlier he’d spied on her for the first time, Gillian’s tight body and plump, depilated vulva bringing a gasp from him.

 Desire had hit Adam in a hot wave when he’d seen Gillian’s slim body all bare. She was delectable, exquisite, a long-limbed beauty. Adam had been so overwhelmed he’d tugged his cock and sprayed jizm over the wall, the hot stuff spitting out of him, gout after gout of cum, the viscous ooze dribbling down the paintwork as obscene evidence of his perversion.

 Since then it had been a struggle to keep her out of his mind. Their enforced close proximity had Adam close to breaking. It was watch her and wank or he’d do something vile and insane. He knew he was doing wrong, committing a terrible trespass and violating his sister’s privacy, but he simply couldn’t resist. The lure of her ripe body was too much.

 So there she was, in the bath, bubbles foaming up around her like a night out in Ibiza, shoulders gleaming wet in the steady candlelight. She was beautiful, long fair hair piled up and loosely tied; her slender neck and throat exposed.

 Adam stared and hauled forth an erection so stiff it qualified as an offensive weapon. He gulped and supressed a groan, his fist working his length.

 Settling onto the chair he’d placed next to the wall for his own convenience, he jacked his cock, all set for a leisurely wank. He planned to goad himself towards an orgasm, denying himself the pleasure of release until his sister stood up and revealed her taut buttocks, lean thighs and fleshy pudendum.

 He was cranking away when her yell almost spilled him out of the chair with fright.

 “Adam!” Gillian called. “Adam, can you come up here!?”

 Panic swelled in his chest. Adam’s heart bounced around like an agitated canary in the cage of his ribs. His guts turned watery and his sphincter loosened.

 Caught! he thought as the hot wave of shock washed over him.

 His sister’s voice came to him again. “Adam! Can you come upstairs!?”

 Forcing himself to stay calm, a relieved Adam realised his sister had no idea he was in the next room. There was no hint of anger or shock or disgust in her tone. The fact she’d yelled so loud and called him up the stairs also went a long way to convincing Adam Gillian was oblivious.

 He snuck from the room and crept past the bathroom door.

 “What is it?” he called from a position close to the head of the stairs. “What’s all the shouting about, Gil?” Stopping outside the bathroom door, Adam gave a knock, forehead against the wood. “You okay?”

 “Is there anything to drink?”

 With the door between them, Adam replied, “We’ve got tea and coffee, but no milk.”

 Gillian’s laugh tinkled through the barrier. “A proper drink, silly. Bloody coffee or tea,” she muttered.

 “There’s vodka, gin and rum—but no ice; and the Coke’s warm.”

 Gillian spat the word out in frustration. “Fuck,” she swore. “Is that it?”

 “There’s wine…”

 A few seconds of apparent contemplation followed, the sound of splashing reaching Adam. Then Gillian called, “Could you bring me a glass of wine?”

 With his ardour extinguished by the cold water dash of near panic, Adam replied with a sarcastic, “For you, princess, I shall deliver the world and all its bounty.”

 A delighted bubble of laughter came from the bathroom. “The wine will do for now!”

 Adam moved along the corridor and negotiated the stairs without mishap. He managed to find a glass without a breakage, grabbing the bottle by the neck before making the ascent once again.

 “Got it,” he called, rapping the bottle against the door.

 “Well bring it in, then,” his sister replied, exasperation in her tone. “I can’t drink it if it’s out there.”

 She really was a spoilt little brat sometimes, Adam reflected. “Mum and dad let you get away with too much, Gil,” he said as he pushed open the door. “You wrap people around your little finger. I didn’t have—” He fell silent when he saw her in the bath. The full impact of her beauty and taboo desirability hit him like a train, resurgent lust making him hard in a moment.

 The words bubbled out before Adam realised. “God, Gillian,” he moaned, “you’re beautiful.”

 His sister flinched, eyes going wide. “Uh,” she responded. “Well, thanks, Adam.”

 Shadows danced on the wall when the open door let in a draft, Gillian’s bare shoulders and chest above the waterline gleaming like an otter’s pelt.

 “…I’m glad you think so,” added Gillian, pouting.

 Adam’s face warmed. He was grateful for the low light of the single candle, hoping his sister wouldn’t see the mortification colouring his cheeks.

 Guilty and appalled at the gaffe, Adam’s eyes went to the floor. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I … I don’t know where that came from.”

 Gillian gave a half shrug and waved a hand. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll take it as a compliment. If my big brother thinks I’m beautiful it’s better than it used to be.” Gillian grinned. “You used to ignore me completely—remember? This change of attitude is much better.” Pointing a finger at her brother, Gillian smirked and added, “And look, I’ve got you running around after me, too. Could you pour me a glass?” The last was delivered with a devilish glint in Gillian’s eyes.

 Adam looked at her and saw the tip of her tongue poking between his sister’s lips, her expression oddly feral, the look in her eyes compelling.

 Instead of replying Adam poured wine, confused by his sister’s look. “Here,” he grunted, moving to the side of the tub and almost shoving the glass at Gillian.

 She rose up, reaching for it, one breast lifting from the bubbles.

 The sound of breath hissing from her brother’s nose brought the question. “Are you okay, Adam?”

 Adam gulped, swallowing his internal organs, all of which seemed to have swelled and risen into his throat. “I…” he croaked, shaking his head. “I was just thinking about mum and dad,” he waffled.

 Gillian slid back down and restored her modesty. She sipped and then nodded slowly. “Yeah,” she said, face dropping in sadness. “I hope they sort it out. It’d be awful if they can’t.” Gillian pointed to the toilet. “Sit down and talk to me, Adam. Tell me it’ll be all right.”

  Adam hesitated, torn by desire to stay and look at his lovely sister while innate morality compelled him to leave. The angel and devil battled inside him and Adam blinked.

 “I think I should leave you to it, Gil,” he said, voice hoarse, the angel on top for a change. “It isn’t appropriate.” Adam nodded towards the bubbles, the foam melting like a polar ice cap. “You’re my sister and you’re naked in there.”

 “You’ve seen me nude before,” Gillian quipped.

 Adam swallowed heavily once more. He shook his head. “Not since you grew up,” he croaked. “Not since you turned so lovely.”

 The moment hung between them, the atmosphere suddenly charge. They stared at one another, Adam’s insides churning while he tried in vain to interpret the expression on his sister’s face.

 Time stretched, elastic seconds expanding, the world shrinking to the moment. Inside the cottage it was the two of them, Adam and Gillian, stranded. During those moments Adam felt as though nobody else existed. It was just him and his sister left.

 Gillian swigged the wine down, draining the glass. “Cuh-could you pour me another?” she stammered, holding out the empty goblet.

Adam’s hands trembled when he complied, the neck of the bottle chinking against the rim of the glass.

 “It’s almost all gone,” he murmured.

 Gillian took the glass and asked, “Is there another bottle?”

 Still cocooned in the bubble of unreality, Adam nodded and mumbled a clotted, “I think so.”

 His sister sipped and kept her eyes locked with his stare. “Why don’t you get it,” Gillian breathed. “Get a glass for yourself, too. Then you could get in here with me…?”


 The walk along the corridor was a dream. Adam made the journey to the kitchen and back as though hypnotised. Astonished by Gillian’s invitation he was certain he’d wake up at any moment. There was no way any of it was real.

 He found the bottle and fumbled around for the corkscrew, utensils rattling as he scrabbled in the drawer. Eventually, his fingers found the device, with Adam taking it with him on his return.

 “Oh God,” Gillian breathed, eyes wide and staring. “Are you really going to get in here with me?”

 The cork slid free and Adam looked at his sister.

 Emotion swelled inside him. “Do you want me to?” he sighed, heart hammering.

 Gillian’s throat worked. She stared at her brother, eyes round as a rabbit’s locked in the glare of a lamp. “I think so, Adam,” murmured Gillian. “I mean, I know we shouldn’t—probably. But it’s sort of exciting. Mum and dad wouldn’t like it…” Gillian shrugged and offered a wan smile, “but we’re trapped here. Nobody will know. Anyway,” she went on, her tone lulling her brother. “It’s only abath. It isn’t like we’re going to do anything, is it?”

 Affecting a casualness he certainly didn’t feel, Adam shrugged and nodded and said, “Just a bath, Gil. That’s all.”

 The atmosphere thickened again when Adam’s fingers went to his belt. He glanced at his sister, her gaze avid—hungry, Adam thought as he slid his jeans and underwear over his hips.

 “Fucking hell!” Gillian gasped when her brother’s erection poinged into view.

 “Sorry,” Adam muttered, red-faced, the har-on waggling and swinging before he shunted his jeans to his shins. “I can’t help it. I don’t mean for it to be like this,” he lied. “Just ignore it, Gil.”

 “Ignore it!” Gillian spluttered. “Jesus, Adam, it’s huge. Look at it waving about,” she continued, enthused. “If you weren’t my brother…”

 Adam kicked his jeans away, pulling his tee-shirt over his head and did his best to ignore his sister’s bright-eyed interest before sitting on the toilet to pull his socks off his feet.

 “Hold my drink,” he said, passing Gillian his glass.

 “Careful,” the girl quipped when Adam stepped into the bath. “You’ll have my eye out with that thing.”

 Adam refrained from comment and, instead, lowered into the water and offered his sister a mumbled thank you when she held his glass towards him.

 “Well, here we are then,” giggled Gillian. “What would the wrinklies say if they could see us now?” She grinned at her brother and sipped delicately, keeping her amused eyes on his.

 “You shouldn’t joke about this,” Adam growled, abruptly serious. “If anyone ever found out…”

 Gillian rolled her eyes. “What, you mean if anyone found out about me being naked in the bath with my brother?” She smirked and added, “What if I told my friends about you being hard, Adam?” Gillian grinned and carried on with, “I can tell you now, Karen and Michaela would love you.

 “And what do you think mum and dad would say if they saw you all big and stiff in front of your sister?”

 “Gil, please,” Adam groaned, desire raging. “Stop talking like this.” He wanted her to shut up and yet he didn’t.

 “Why?” Gillian whispered, leaning forward slightly. “Does it make you uncomfortable?” Her eyes flicked to the water, Gillian’s focus at a point level with her brother’s penis. “Are you horny, Adam? Is being here nude with me getting to you?”

 Licking his lips, Adam replied with a gurgling, “Yes, Gil … I am and it is.”

 Gillian’s nostril’s flared and her eyes shone. “Oh god,” she mewled, “really?”

 “I can’t take this,” muttered Adam, jaw muscles bunching. He glared at his sister. “What is it you’re doing, Gillian? Exactly?”

 Her smirk was dangerous when she replied with a whispered, “Just taking a bath…” Gillian drained the glass and held it towards her brother. “Top me up, will you.”

 Adam stared at his sister and tried to figure out just what had happened. He thought back, analysing the past twenty minutes while attempting to make sense of how it was he’d ended up in the bath with Gil. He was confused by the speed of events, baffled by his sister’s behaviour and attitude. Adam’s muddled brain had difficulty processing the impressions assaulting him. He was aroused yet reticent. He was part thrilled to be where he was, gloriously nude with his gorgeous sister; yet another place inside him was appalled. Gillian was nineteen, too young to be playing such a dangerous game—especially with her brother.

 Even as those thoughts tumbled through his head Adam knew it was hypocritical of him. After all he’d been spying on Gillian only a short time before. He had little compunction about tugging his cock until it spat cum while he fantasised about scenes very similar to the one he was living; but being there with Gillian like they were, incest hung in the air like smoke on the wind.

 And reality was so far removed from fantasy. It was just so wrong to be where he was, naked, with her.

 A dark chuckle sounded inside his head and the devil snickered, But doesn’t it being so wrong make it so gooood?

 Gillian waved the glass. “Hell-oh,” she said. “Can you get me some more wine, please?”

 Blinking, Adam automatically leaned out of the bath and picked the bottle up from the floor.

 “Thanks,” his sister grinned, taunting Adam with her look when he filled her glass. “So,” she breathed, swirling wine in the bowl of the glass. “You’ve got a hard-on because of me?”

 Adam’s jaw clenched so tight he thought his teeth would break. He gulped and fought against the desire to lunge at his sister, to stick his tongue into her mouth for a hot kiss before rising up out of the water and replacing his tongue with his hard cock.

 “Gil,” he hissed, the words strained through a grimace. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten in here with you. This is wrong. You’re my sister, for fuck sake. We shouldn’t be taking baths together.”

 “You don’t know me, do you, Adam? Not really. You have no idea who I am or what I’m like.”

 Adam gaped at her. He shook his head, three quick jerks while his mouth worked. “You’re nineteen,” he gasped. “You live at home … You’re taking a college course in business studies. You can’t stand watermelon and you’re scared of flying. I see you at least once a month. What do you mean I don’t know you?”

 Gillian’s laugh was derisive. “You have no idea about what goes on inside my head, Adam. You don’t have a clue what I like in men.” The girl’s face took on a sly aspect. Her eyes narrowed and she smirked. “I’m nineteen, yes, but you don’t know I’ve slept with my best friends, Karen and Michaela, do you? We’re a right little group of tarts, Adam. We share blokes between us and play with each other when the fancy takes us.

 “I’ve shagged dad’s friend Alan, too. I’ve got a thing for older blokes.

 “You brought me here so mum and dad could have time at home to see if they can sort things out. I did warn you it’s the middle of fucking winter and the forecast was dire but you didn’t listen—you never do.

 “I was dreading getting stuck here with nobody to shag. I’m a bit of a slut, Adam—if you haven’t sussed it out yet. I like to fuck. Ineed to fuck—and preferably every day.” Gillian shrugged and eyed her brother, her face all sharp and vulpine as she finished with, “But we’re fucking snowed in and I’ve been going mad. I’m so fucking horny, Adam … And you’re the only cock I’m close to.”

 Reeling from the astounding revelations, the implication slammed into Adam like a fist to the solar-plexus. He gasped and gulped and boggled. “Gillian,” Adam groaned. “Jesus Christ … Gil…”

 But by then his sister had risen up and moved forward, sliding on her knees until she was straddled over her brother’s thighs.

 “Just give it up, Adam,” she purred. “It’s just us. Nobody’s here. We can do this and it’ll be our secret.”

 Adam felt his cock throb. His sister’s tight tits were right there in front of him. All he had to do was put the wine glass down and encircle her with his arms. He could kiss her; if he so desired he could taste his sister’s mouth and feel her tight wet cunt around his dick. She was offering herself, throwing herself at him.

 It was unbelievable, totally astounding, an impossible dream come to life.

 “Don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck me,” Gillian cooed. “Your cock says otherwise, Adam.” She was raised up over him, her eyes moving over his face as she smiled down. Her thighs were against his beneath the water, Gillian’s weight pressed against him.

 “I do, Gil,” Adam croaked. “I’d love to fuck you. You’re so beautiful.”

 Gillian’s head tilted, her face came closer. “Then kiss me. Kiss me and touch me. I’m so fucking hot,” she whined. “I’m gagging for cock, Adam; and it’s your big fucking dick I want.”

 Adam resisted when his sister’s lips pressed against his. He struggled internally, common sense screaming at him to stop, to push Gillian away so he could clamber out of the bath. It was wrong; it was perverted, a sin against morality.

 Good God, she was his sister! It would be incest. Spying and masturbating was one thing, he could live with the shame because it was a secret only he knew; but to fuck his sibling was another game entirely. If he succumbed to Gillian’s gasping, desperate entreaty they would have to live with it forever. Adam was certain their relationship would be damaged beyond repair. How would they face one another at Christmas and birthdays? How would he be able to look their parents in the face without the enormous weight of guilt crushing him?

 What if—oh, Jesus—what if Gillian fell in love with someone else and decided to get married? How would he feel then?

 “We can’t, Gillian,” Adam gurgled, her mouth still pressing his lips. “We can’t…”

 The girl’s eyes shone as she refuted his claim with quick nods of her head. “Oh but we can,” she breathed. “I want to, Adam.” Gillian grabbed her brother’s hands and placed them against her breasts. “Touch my tits,” she sighed. “Squeeze me, Adam. Feel my body and kiss me.”

 Her skin beneath his palms eroded Adam’s resistance. “Gillian,” he moaned, “you’re so lovely.”

 “And I’m yours,” she replied.

 The next time his sister leaned in for a kiss, Adam’s mouth opened to receive her tongue.


 She was on the bed, laid on her front and resting on her elbows, round buttocks and the scarlet gape of her cunt reflected back at Adam through the long mirror in the wardrobe door. It was the room their parents had used, their grandparents before that, way back when.

 Adam was knelt, backside resting against the back of his legs as he looked down at the unbelievable sight of his own sister mushing her pursed lips against the head of his cock.

 Gillian’s heavy-lidded eyes cleared when she grinned up at him, one hand jacking her brother’s length. “You’re so fucking stiff,” she moaned, painting her face with the big bell-end.

 Seeing his sister doing it brought a low curdled groan from Adam. “Jesus, Gil,” he gasped, blinking, face slack with lust. “You’re filthy.”

 The girl laughed and let go of her brother’s erection. “I just love sex,” she grinned. “I love sucking cock; I love fucking…

 “But,” she continued, rolling onto her back, thighs going wide, “I really love it when I can get my pussy licked.” Gillian slid a finger through her labia, splitting the folds and wincing as she played with her clit. “Won’t you suck my cunt?” she asked in a little-girl lisp. “Please, big brother,” Gillian pouted, “kiss my kitty … Make me feel good before you stick that big thing into me.”

 Adam lapped at the desire siping from Gillian’s scarlet opening, a viscous slide which made his sister’s flesh slick against the flat of his tongue. She squealed and writhed and gabbled nonsense, hauling her brother up along her body as she jack-knifed at the waist for a deep, lingering kiss.

 “I can taste myself,” the girl mewled, hot-eyed and panting. She held Adam’s cheeks between her palms and pushed her tongue back into his mouth, grunting and gasping while rubbing herself between her legs.

 The kiss rolled on and one when Adam replaced his sister’s fingers with his own. He worked two fingers inside her, curling the digits so he could tease the spongy softness. Gillian bucked and groaned, face slackening when Adam used his thumb against Gillian’s clit at the same time, muffled squawks and groans coming out of the girl while her pelvis jerked back-and-forth and she fucked onto Adam’s digits.

 “Oh shit … Oh fuck,” Gillian gasped, eyes closing while her head lolled back, hair spilling loose from the clip holding it in place. The girl’s hips jerked and her chest hitched, a huge sob bursting from her throat. “I’m going to come!” she yelped, eyes wide, expression full of delighted disbelief. “I’m there,” she squealed, desperately emphatic. “Oh God, Adam,” Gillian snarled, and then bit off each word as she finished with, “I’m. Fucking. THERE!”


 His sister insisted he stick it in. Gillian scooted down the bed while hauling Adam up at the same time.

 “Fuck me,” she whined, nose crinkling as she pouted at her brother. “God, please, just put it in. I want to feel you there, Adam. It’s too fucking filthy to think about any more. I want you inside me. I want my brother’s fat cock.”

 Adam gaped down at his sister as the girl writhed beneath him. He sucked up the image, desire for Gillian’s taut body surging through his core. Her hair was spread over the bed; her little breasts heaved while she panted for breath and glared at him, nipples tight. He thought she looked gorgeous with her face twisted by lust. She was he’d never seen her before. His sister’s hot-eyed gaze held him while Gillian chewed her lower lip and whined, one hand between her legs so she could rub at herself, her free hand mauling one breast.

 “I’ve been going mad,” Gillian gulped, blinking. Her hand went from her breast to Adam’s cock, fingers gripping him for a few quick tugs. “I’ve been so fucking horny, Adam. I’m surprised you haven’t heard me wanking. I’ve been lying in bed playing with myself and willing you to come to my room. If you’d come in you would’ve caught me with three fingers in my pussy. I wish I’d brought a vibrator with me.”

 “I didn’t know,” Adam gasped, his attention fixed on the bulging cock-head while his own sister jacked his shaft. “I … uh … I’ve been thinking about you, too, Gil. I can’t believe you’ve been having the same thoughts…”

 Gillian chuckled, a rich throaty blurt that bubbled out as she grinned at her brother. “We’re just dirty, Adam.” She squirmed while Adam held himself over her body on straight arms, Gillian’s legs folding at the knees. “We’re nasty, filthy pervs. I’m a dirty girl who deserves to get punished by your big cock.”

 Gillian guided Adam’s member to her opening, her hips jerking when the dome nudged her opening.

 “Oh God,” the girl sighed, pulling her brother’s head down for a kiss. “You’re going to fuck me,” Gillian squeaked, gape-mouthed with the shock of reality. “My brother … You’re really going to fuck it into me, aren’t you?”

 Then Gillian gasped, back arching, pelvis lifting while her buttocks came off the bed. She kissed Adam hard, the blunt end of him splitting her open, his girth filling her.

 “Gil…” Adam gasped. “Jesus, Gillian, you’re so bloody lovely.”

 “And so’s your cock!” the girl yelped, hips moving quickly. “I love it! I fucking love it, Adam! Give it to me. Fuck me with it. Smash my pussy.”

 A sudden need to dominate his sister swept over Adam. He listened to what she had to say and decided he’d batter her tight cunt all she wanted. He lunged at Gillian, probing deep, thrusting hard enough to make the old bed groan and squeal in complaint at the robust treatment.

 Adam reached in with one hand and grabbed a handful of hair, yanking Gillian’s face up so he could jam his tongue into her mouth.

 “Ow! Fuck!” the girl cried, any further words of protest forced back when her brother kissed her.

 Gillian’s pelvis worked hard during that long and ardent kiss, her hips going up to meet the vehement downstroke of her brother’s pistoning cock.

 “God, yes,” Gillian gasped when the kiss broke. She bucked against Adam, eyes shining with delight. “That’s what I wanted. That’s just how I need fucking, Adam. That’s it, babe.”

 “I’ve been watching you, Gil,” Adam grunted, his body pounding his sister’s slim frame. “I’ve thought about fucking you … There’s a little hole in my bedroom wall. I can see into the bathroom. I watched you and wanked … I’ve even thought about fucking mum…”

 A cry burst out of his sister. Gillian blurted a laugh and grinned at Adam with wide-eyed glee. “You filthy fucker,” she squealed, fingers gripping Adam’s upper arms while she forced herself harder against his cock. “You dirty bugger…

 “Mum…? You’ve thought about fucking our mother? Oh fuck, Adam,” Gillian gasped. “That’s so fucking rude.”

 “Did you really fuck Alan?” asked Adam, cuprous jealousy rising hot in his throat like bile.

 “Yes,” his sister moaned in response. “It was fantastic. I loved it.”

 Anger at his father’s friend rose inside Adam in a rush of volcanic fury. He thrust deep into his sister, intent on punishing her pussy for such sluttish behaviour. He rammed in again, pulling almost all his length free of Gillian’s body before slamming home.

 The mental image he saw filled him with disgust: a lecherous perv with his hands all over Gillian’s flawless skin. He pictured Gillian with Alan’s cock in her mouth, the size of the man’s erection grossly exaggerated in his mind’s eye.

 “No,” Adam grunted, pulling out ready to plunge into his sister once again. “I won’t have it, Gil. You’ll not be doing it with him again.”

 “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” Gillian grunted before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out a low groan of pleasure. “When I said fantastic,” she gasped, recovering slightly. “It was because he was so fucking grateful, Adam. You should have seen him; he couldn’t believe it when he saw me naked. He kept banging on about how perfect I was. When I first took hold of his dick he squirted cum all over my tummy.

 “Oh fuck, Adam … Do that again, babe. That’s it,” Gillian squeaked, her buttocks sliding back-and-forth over the bed. “Fuck it into me like that. Oh, Adam … If you keep doing it that way, I’ll come.”

 So Adam kept on doing it that way. He went at his sister and muttered about her belonging to him. Adam gasped and grunted about how he didn’t want his sister with other men. From now on she was his, exclusive to him, the pair of them lovers.

 “You don’t mean it,” Gillian groaned, pulling her brother’s head down so his lips found her nipples. “It’s just sex talk. You don’t really want me for yourself.”

 “I want to do this to you again,” Adam snarled as he reared up, rolling his sister onto her side, his cock remaining wedged inside her. With Gillian’s legs crossed at the knees, the mollusc of her fat-lipped pussy all plump in the concavity at the top of her thighs, with one hand on her pelvis, Adam fucked into his sister, his cock greasy with her desire on the outstroke. “This isn’t over, Gillian. This is more than a one-off.”

 “Do you love me,” the girl whined, a hand between her legs as she rubbed her little button, her other hand braced against the headboard while her body rocked under the vigorous assault on her body. “Can you love me like that, Adam?”

 “I can love you,” Adam sobbed, the surge rushing through his core. “God, Gillian … Oh fuck … My little sister … I’m coming.”

 The flood of ejaculate inside her set Gillian off. Her fingers worked at her clit, the climax boiling over.

 That was her brother muttering words of love. It was his cock inside her, his seed bathing her insides.

 “I’m coming too,” mumbled Gillian, the words clotted and heavy. “Adam, I’m coming…”


 It was morning, past eight o’clock judging by the light behind the blind. Adam blinked, confused at first, the recollection making him jump round so he could verify it was his sister’s bed he was in.

 The heaving of the mattress brought Gillian from sleep. “Mmm,” the girl sighed. “Good morning, big brother.” She smiled at Adam, the quilt up to her chin. “How do you feel today?”

 Good question, Adam thought. Just how did he feel after a night of incestuous sex with his sister? He quickly scanned the highlights, the memory of Gillian’s agile body contorted into gymnastic puzzles bringing a flicker of arousal to his cock. Then he recalled the tenderness of their later couplings, words of love pouring from them both in the deep night sometime around two-thirty.

 Emotion swelled in Adam’s chest. He reached for Gillian under the covers and found her body bare and warm.

 Suddenly erect, Adam kissed his sister’s mouth, ignoring the sour morning breath when she blurted out a delighted yelp.

 “Is this how it’s going to be from now on?” Gillian chuckled, her hand finding Adam’s stiff length.

 “Duh-do you want it to be?” asked Adam, his voice hoarse with feeling.

 Gillian stilled abruptly, her whole focus zeroing in on the enormity of what they were discussing.

 “I … I think so,” she stammered, gulping.

 They lay there face-to-face, their eyes communicating all they felt for each other.

 “I love you, Gillian,” Adam breathed, his face warming, embarrassed by the tender words and the new intimacy with his sister.

 “I love you too,” Gillian sighed in reply. “It’s weird,” she added, “I can’t believe so much has happened in such a little time. I feel like a different person, Adam.”

 Adam nodded in agreement. “I know exactly what you mean, Gil. Our lives have changed. Overnight, literally.”

 Gillian’s throat worked before she asked, “Are we really going to be together? You know, like together?”

 “I hope so,” Adam replied, his response tinged with uncertainty. “Don’t you want to, Gil?”

 Her nod was emphatic, a relief to Adam when Gillian said, “I do. I really do.” The girl shrugged and pulled a face. “I want to try anyway, Adam. I want it to be like it was last night.” She rolled her eyes and grimaced. “Not the dirty, smutty bit at the start—although I do want that as well. Sometimes … Okay, every day, but what I really want most of all is … is … is the love. When we made love it was just the best, Adam.”

 Gillian’s face reddened when she made the disclosure. She closed her eyes and pulled the quilt up over her head.

 “Oh shit,” she said, the words coming through muffled. “Listen to me. I sound like such a soft bitch. Michaela and Karen would hate me if they heard me talking like that.”

 Adam chuckled and gently eased the cover down to reveal his sister’s tousled head. He kissed her mouth and ran his palms over her body, a hand going to the warmth between her thighs.

 “God, Gil, you’re the loveliest, sexiest…”

 “And I need to piss!” the girl interrupted. “Now!”

 Adam watched his sister hurry from the bedroom, wonder at his body’s response to her feminine shape squeezing him in that indefinite place somewhere between his guts and gonads. Desire for Gillian swelled his cock, the priapic jut clamouring for attention. He swept back the covers and padded barefoot along the corridor, catching his sister midflow, her water tinkling into the bowl.

 With her eyes fixed on Adam’s face, Gillian didn’t flicker. She pissed her stream and then delicately wiped herself with a swatch of toilet paper before flushing the lot away.

 “Get a kick out of seeing me piss?” Gillian asked, standing and smirking, fists on her hips.

 “Actually, yes,” grinned Adam. He waggled his erection at Gillian. “But I was hard before I watched you do it.”

 Nudging her chin towards her brother, Gillian responded with, “What are you planning to do with that?”

 “Maybe you could suck it?”

 “What? Now? After all the use it got last night? I should think not, Adam. We might love each other but I’m not putting that smelly thing in my mouth. Not until you’ve washed it, anyway.”

 Adam laughed. “Tell you what,” he said. “You sort out coffee or whatever and I’ll have a quick shower.”

 “What about we share a shower and then both get on with breakfast?”

 “Deal,” Adam smirked.


 With the spray cascading over them both, Gillian knelt in the tub and sucked her brother’s cock. Having him in her mouth thrilled Gillian. She loved the solid mass of him and the way he stretched her lips. The shaft was rigid in her hand, the heavy testes cupped in one palm while she slurped at Adam with an enthusiasm born of love and the desire to please her new lover.

 She still struggled to fully appreciate it was actually her own brother she was sucking on. The invitation to join her in the bath had been a spur of the moment decision and it had gone very serious very quickly: she’d been in the bath and called for a drink. Adam had complied and then they were talking about their parents’ situation, the awful threat of their divorce. After that, Gillian wasn’t too clear on just what had happened. She recalled some quip about her brother having seen her nude, but then it got weird.

 The way he’d looked at her—all hungry and desperate, well, it had been a similar expression to the one she’d seen on Alan’s face when she’d taken her clothes off for him. Gillian could recall the arterial burst of lust she’d experienced for her brother, but the invitation to join her in the water had come from nowhere.

 That he’d actually stripped and climbed in had shocked Gillian to her core. And the cock on him!

 In the shower, Gillian went to town. She gommed the cock-head, sucking at it so her cheeks went concave, her fist working Adam low down near his root, the length of her brother’s endowment sufficient enough for her to get a good rhythm going with her hand while taking him some way into her mouth.

 “I can’t get enough of you,” the girl said, her voice raised above the hiss of the shower. She cranked her brother’s cock and rolled the bell-end over her face in a lewd display of wanton behaviour. “I’m still horny, Adam,” she squeaked, rubbing her excited clit. “I want to fuck all day.” Gillian’s hand worked quickly. She mushed her lips against Adam’s big dome, blubbing and flubbing as it leaked pre-cum from its slit.

 “You’re incredible,” Adam grunted, gazing down at the pretty girl making such a fuss. “God, Gillian, I love you. I love you-I love you-I love you.”

 And then jizm flicked out of him and landed in a thick rope across the bridge of his sister’s nose and her forehead.

 That thick strand of gloop was washed away in an instant, with Gillian opening her mouth, tongue coming out to take her brother’s cum.

 “Agh, fuck, Gillian…” Adam croaked, eyes shut tight, cords on his neck stark.

 “Dirty bastard,” Gillian yelped, letting spunk dribble over her chin. “You came on my face! How fucking rude!” The girl laughed to take the sting out of her words. It wasn’t as though she was any stranger to a having a man squirt jiz on her face. She let the water rush over her and then leaned in to slurp the final ooze from Adam’s cock. “I’m hot for cock and you came,” Gillian pouted, rising to her feet. She shook her head, admonishing Adam with her look. “What am I supposed to do now?”

 “Shower, breakfast, and then I’ll lick you, dear sister,” Adam said, grinning. He squirted shower gel onto his hand and proceeded to soap up his sister’s torso and shoulders. “There’s more to making love than me with a hard-on.” At her brother’s gesture, a rotating forefinger, Gillian turned a one-eighty. She purred when he massaged her buttocks with soapy palms. “And I don’t think it’ll be too long before I get hard again, Gil.” His hands came up in front of Gillian as Adam went for her tits. “You’re so bloody gorgeous you could raise the dead.”

 “I love you, big brother,” the girl murmured after swivelling to face Adam again. They embraced and kissed, Adam’s cock already thick with returning ardour.

 “I’ve just realised what day it is,” Adam said, leaning back so he could fully appreciate his sister’s beautiful face.

 “What?” Gillian replied, puzzled.

 “Valentine’s Day,” Adam smiled.

 Gillian laughed and eased away from her brother. “Is it? How appropriate!” she trilled, rinsing her body clean. Gillian slid the curtain aside and stepped out onto the mat. “I would’ve got you a card,” she quipped, “but we’ve been snowed in for two days.”

 Adam nodded and grinned, reaching for the tap. “Me too,” he said. “I didn’t get you a card but I’ve got a present for you.”

 Cocking one hip, Gillian eyed her brother, smirking. “Oh yeah?”

 Adam held up his hands and waggled his fingers. He stuck out his tongue and then glanced at the length dangling between his legs. “Yeah,” he leered. “Fingers, tongue, and cock…”

 “You can have my body in return,” Gillian replied, laughing at Adam’s comedy antics. She yelped and giggled, fleeing when her brother growled and lunged. “Breakfast first, like you said,” the girl called after grabbing a towel. “I want you strong for Valentine’s Day, Adam. I promise you it’s going to be one you’ll remember.”


 They knew when the power was switched back on because the television downstairs blared into life.

 Gillian looked down at her brother, his cock embedded deep inside her body as she rode him. “Real-life is coming back,” she whined, her orgasm close.

 Adam held his sister around the brisket, his thumbs just below her high, tight tits. He helped her during the ascent, the girl’s thighs flexing with effort, her long hair hanging down her back while Gillian’s spine arched and she ground her pubis down hard.

 “I don’t want this to end,” she sighed, pelvis corkscrewing, her buttocks clenching, insides milking her brother’s length. “I want it to be like this forever, Adam. I want it to be me and you, together. What’s going to happen?” Gillian lunged forward, her hair a curtain around them both, her tongue searching for her brother’s.

 “We’ll get on with it,” groaned Adam, his hands sliding over his sister’s waist. He grabbed Gillian’s hips and fucked up into her, the action bringing a great sob of pleasure from the girl. “As far as anyone else is concerned,” he gasped, breaking off to add, “Oh, fuck, Gil, squeeze me again. God, babe, you’re so tight…

 “As far as anyone else is concerned,” repeated Adam. “We’re the same as ever. We get on with it but meet whenever we can. I don’t know how, my darling sister, but I want us to be together all the time. Leave it to me,” he moaned, wincing when Gillian did the squeeze again, Adam’s hands going to her breasts. He grabbed and mauled his sister’s tits, revelling in the sheer pleasure of loving such a superb example of physical near-perfection. “Fucking hell, Gil, how did I ever keep my hands off you? What a body … You’re so bloody gorgeous.”

 “You’re not so bad yourself,” the girl grunted, her hands masking her brother’s. She held his fingers against her body, jerking her pelvis back-and-forth to make him grunt and wince. “Go back a bit,” she said. “Go back to where we can be together. What do you mean? How?”

 In a quick and agile flip, Adam had his sister on her back. He lay between her legs, lifting them behind the knees as he spread her open to his liking. Then, watching his Gillian’s body accommodating the length of him, Adam eased into her, all of his cock sliding in in one easy glide.

 “I don’t know yet,” Adam replied, leaning in for a kiss. Their tongues entwined, liquid squelching coming up from their conjunction as Gillian’s body sluiced with desire. He fucked into his sister, the girl moaning and gasping while gazing at her brother’s face, her expression glazed-eyed and heavy-lidded. “But somehow, sweet Gillian, we’ll be together. I want you all the time. I’ll be lost without you.”

 “God, love me, Adam,” sighed Gillian, her hips beginning to work faster. “Love me. Love me today and always. It’s valentine’s Day … Love me.”

 The tempo increased, the couple losing themselves in the intensity of their emotions and the pleasure their joined bodies gave them. Adam hooked his sister’s knees behind his arms, her cunt uptilted and vulnerable.

 “Smash my little pussy,” Gillian squeaked in the little-girl lisp. “Is my big brother going to split my cunt with his big dick?”

 “You’re so bloody filthy,” Adam growled, working hard to do exactly as his sister had so obscenely requested. “You’re so bloody perfect,” he added, moaning.

 The pair went at it, both striving for the peak, their needs and urges overwhelming. Finally, eventually, it was Gillian who got there first. The girl yelped and grunted, a sob bursting from her throat as she cried out in bliss.

 Gillian’s writhing, gasping, juddering paroxysms and clenching pussy brought her brother along for the ride. Adam grunted and held himself up on straight arms, his whole length inside his sister while the big muscle worked and he pumped semen into the girl, the hot stuff pouring into her.

 Adam, spent, collapsed on top of Gillian, both of them gasping for breath, chests heaving and their hearts jack-hammering away. The man rolled off his sister, lying there on his back, an arm flung across his face.

 “Oh God … Oh fucking hell,” Gillian sighed.

 And then the telephone rang.


 They were in the lounge of their parents’ home, the house where Gillian still lived. Gillian and her father were in the lounge, waiting for the drinks Barbara had offered.

 Mother and son were in the kitchen, with Barbara pouring generous measures of vodka into two glasses—one for herself and one for her daughter.

 “Beer’s in the fridge as usual,” she said to her son. “Help yourself, love; get one for your dad too, eh.”

 Adam complied, popping the tab on a can before swigging heavily.

 Ice tinkled against glass and then Barbara splashed lemonade into both. She took one and sipped, resting her bottom against the kitchen counter, eyes on her son.

 “Thanks for taking Gillian to the cottage,” the woman said. “It was a help,” she added. “While me and your dad sorted out…” Barbara pulled a face and said, “Well, you know, while we talked it all through. I want you to know I appreciate it, Adam.” Shoving away from the bench, Barbara went to her son and kissed his cheek. “Snowed in for four days, was it?”

 Nonplussed by his mother’s physical proximity and the scent coming off her, Adam gulped and nodded.

 Avoiding his mother’s eyes, guilt warming his cheeks, he stammered, “Yuh-yeah. Four days. No power.” Adam glugged beer and, still unable to look into his mother’s face, finished with, “Lucky the oil tank was full or we would have frozen.”

 “Mm-hmm,” Barbara responded, sipping her drink. “Your gran used to tell of some bad winters in the cottage. Your dad and me were stuck there once, too.”

 “I’m glad you sorted it all out with him, Mum,” Adam said, his eyes flicking to his mother’s face quickly. “Whatever it was, I’m pleased it’s done and dusted.”

 “Valentine’s Day,” Barbara shrugged. “We sat down and went over everything that’s happened between us. We had a good clear out, Adam. Thirty-five years of marriage left us with a lot of accumulated rubbish. There have been things done…”

 Adam’s mother heaved a sigh and brought her wistful gaze up from the floor. “But we made our decision on Valentine’s Day. I suppose we owe some of its influence to the way things have turned out for us.

 “Well, I won’t bore or embarrass you with details. You’re an adult; you know what life is like.”

 Adam’s head bobbed up and down. “Yeah,” he drawled, going for nonchalance. “But, anyway, I’m pleased, Mum. It wouldn’t be the same if … if you and dad…”

 Barbara held up a hand, palm towards her son. “We’re not,” she said. “Everything’s fine now.” Barbara nudged her chin towards the door. “Shall we go through? They’ll be wondering where we’ve gotten to.”

 “Yeah, okay,” Adam replied, picking his father’s beer up from the table.

 He turned and was moving towards the door when his mother’s voice stopped him.

 “You’ll have to tell me later, Adam,” Barbara murmured, “about whether or not you looked at your sister through that hole in the wall.” She breezed past her son, her scent lingering in her wake. “It used to give me such a thrill when you watched me in the bathroom,” Barbara added, leaving Adam gawping, his jaw dangling while his cock stiffened in automatic response.