She Did A Boris Becker On Me 108256660194

Short Story

She pulled me into the closet in the passage between the kitchen and the bathrooms in the upmarket restaurant. She put her index finger across her lips, signalling that I was not to make any sound. She kept my tie in her hand as she shut the closet door.

“Too dangerous…” I complained, rather feebly.

She pulled my pants down and licked my semi-erect penis. My penis naturally jumped to meet the exciting possibilities. I found myself in a full-steam-ahead sex scene literally seconds after accepting to be shown the men’s bathroom by the petite brunette waitress with whom I had been flirting furiously since walking in for dinner.

“If you make noise we will be caught and we will make headlines…” she cautioned.

I felt her hands firmly on my exposed butt pulling me into her face. My dick hit her tonsils and I couldn’t help emitting a loud gasp.

“Shit that feels good…what is your name?”

“Nnnggaannnngggy..” she mumbled.

Of course I didn’t get the name but really , should I have been bothering myself about names and such? After a few cognacs, I was hot and horny and this is just what I needed.

One hand on my dick, she used her free hand to remove her panty. She stuffed it into my pocket.

“Thanks, I hope I can keep your knickers..” I whispered.

She nodded her head in agreement. My dick got harder as I realised that I had just been given a chance to “continue” the sex , alone, later. She slurped on my dick with furious urgency. It was all overwhelming and I sweated profusely, my heart pounding like a dysfunctional jack hammer.  I was a hodgepodge of conflicting emotions and sensations. I knew I shouldn’t be in that closet, that for the celebrated mayor of this big harbour city,   I risked losing everything. But which virile idiot walks away from a soft little wet mouth? I pumped into that mouth with incredible rapidity.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and stood in front of me. She was tiny compared to my six –foot five frame. She hitched her skirt up and jumped around my hips. I helped steady her. I quickly plunged my dick into her drooling slit and boy was it tight. For a second I thought I was in the wrong hole but my dick WAS in her pussy. She was soon jumping up and down my stiff pole. There was no room for me to do anything and she did all the work.

We must have fucked for about 3 minutes before I exploded inside her, creaming her soft vaginal tunnel.

“That’s it Mr Mayor, thank you, I had 2 climaxes…thank you…now back to the dinner..” she whispered in my ear as I  rushed out and into the nearby men’s bathroom.

One year later.

“Mayor Lennox Mchunu’s Boris Becker moment bundle of joy”

Screamed the headlines of the Sunday Tribune  newspaper. It showed Nisha Singh, the little brunette waitress holding a 2 month old boy whose face was a “Xeroxed copy” of mine.

My heart sank. I reached for my phone to call my lawyer just as it rang…it was my lawyer, Rene Loewensen calling.