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Short Story

“Bull horns Rock! Bull horns Rock! Bull horns Rock!” the loud chants continued into the dressing room where Coach Wiggins was waiting for us. A loud cheer erupted. “Well done Guys!” Wiggins punched the air and shouted “Well fucking DONE!”  He looked at me and tossed a black rubber disc. The match puck. “Here you go kid, you deserve this!” 

The last game of the season and our third win in the last five matches secured our move up to the second division. The final score was only 6-4, very low for an ice hockey game. The opposition had put up a good fight with a particularly strong defence and we won not so much by our team scoring but by me as goal tender keeping the opposition’s barrage of shots out. 

Wiggins opened a cooler box and began handing out cans of beer.  

“Alex? Yeah he’s here.”  Thomas Jay shouted my name from the exit door. “A reporter from the local newspaper wants a quote”, he said. I dropped my helmet and went outside where a young and very pretty female reporter from the local village newspaper was waiting.

I was with the reporter only for a few minutes but when I returned most of the team had showered and they were already getting dressed. Just George and Paul were still taking off their gear and I was about to do the same when Wiggins took me to one side. “Listen, Alex”, he said. “Great job today! Really great. Look, Alex, I’ve told the guys here I’d take them to the bar down the road there… but…”

“I understand”, I said. “It’s ok, really.”

“Great, I knew you would” said Wiggins. “I’ll do something for you guys too. You really deserve it.”

I really didn’t mind and I’m sure Paul and George didn’t either. As the only members still under 18 years old we were used to the others going to the pub without us after a game.  Back slaps and handshakes were exchanged with each player as they left and soon just the three of us remained.

If I was honest I preferred it. The dressing room was a bit too cramped for us all and our substantial kit as well. The others all changed very quickly, eager to get to the pub leaving the three of us to clean up and change at our own pace and without jostling for position in the communal shower. 

With plenty of room we were able to spread out and Wiggins had left the cooler box with the two remaining six packs for us. Paul and George helped me with my body armour and then we headed for the shower.

I finished first. I stepped out of the steam filled shower and the cold air wrapped around my body.

The shower area was separated from the changing area by an arched opening about the size of a garage door. Over the tiled floor I scurried in short steps, through the opening and left towards my towel I’d left draped over my kitbag.

I froze. Our eyes met. Her eyes dropped, paused, and then up to meet mine again with a look of shock. I turned quickly. I turned too quickly. I heard a loud gasp. My feet slipped on the wet tiles and down I went.  

Sprawled naked on the floor I didn’t know whether to stay put, stand or crawl. A sharp pain in my left hip where it had caught the corner of a bench started to throb profusely.

“Oh I’m sorry!” said a voice. Then I remembered the face. It was Wiggins’ wife, Brenda. “I’m so sorry! I’ve come to get the towels for the laundry”, she said. “Are you OK? Oh! Here.” I felt a towel drape across my bare backside.

“Yeah, it’s just a knock. Happens all the time on the ice.”

“I know but you’re not… Oh, I mean you’re… wearing more padding out there.” she laughed.  “I did shout but I guess you didn’t hear me in the shower and so I thought you had all gone to the pub.”

“We couldn’t go” I explained. “We’re too young.”

Brenda seemed quite annoyed.  “So they just go without you? Some team spirit!” Then she paused before asking. “Who’s WE?”

I indicated towards the showers. Paul and George were peering around the opening. “Oh,I am  sorry!” giggled Brenda. “I didn’t see you there.”

I tried to stand and at the same time pull the towel around my waist. Pain shot down my thigh which I tried to hide but trying to support myself with my hands and still wrap the towel around my waist I struggled to stand.

“Oh, you’re hurt!” said Brenda. “Here.”  A soft hand grasped my left arm below the shoulder. A light perfume tickled my nostrils and another soft hand rested on my back. I knelt upright and Brenda lifted me to my feet.

With a hand on either side of my hips, Brenda guided me towards a Bench. Her arm around my waist, her head briefly touching my cheek and the smell of her soft perfume finally did it. I felt my cock tingle and lift away my testicle sack. I felt the head was pushing against the towel when I reached the bench. Brenda turned me around and held my shoulders as I sat which gave me a brief glimpse down her blouse. 

There wasn’t any way or any time for me to hide the erection now propping up the towel like a tent pole. Brenda stared at it for what seemed like an age and then looked up at me. My heart jumped into my throat and I felt the blood drain from my face.  I stuttered through a token apology. “Erm… I’m…  Sorry.”

Looking into her eyes like a startled rabbit I wasn’t sure if she was smirking, blushing or about to burst into tears.  “It’s ok”, she replied in a very soft voice that made my cock twitch even more. She smiled. “It’s my fault really; and it’s kind of a compliment.” She looked around for two more towels and handed them to George and Paul and I used the time to try and hide my embarrassment.

Brenda returned and sat between me and George. Paul sat on the bench opposite. “It really seems so unfair on you boys leaving you here whilst the others go off to the pub” she said. “But from what I can see I think you might prefer something else…” With that, her eyes dropped to Paul’s lap who also had a prominent erection tenting his towel. Paul looked at me as though asking for advice, then back to Brenda. 

I don’t think any of us knew what to do at this point so we just sat frozen to the spot.  Brenda smiled and then grasped the corners of mine and George’s towels and gently pulled. The cotton dragged over the head of my cock, pulling it to the side.  The edge of the towel dropped to the floor and my cock catapulted straight up.

Brenda looked almost hypnotised as she curled her cool fingers around my shaft. Then she wrapped her left hand around George’s cock and started to wank us both in unison. As she did so she looked at Paul sat opposite who was watching in open mouthed shock.  “You’ll get your turn”, she said.

The feel of Brenda’s small soft hand on my cock was so different to my own. She seemed to sense the perfect speed and on each upstroke she dug her thumb under the head that sent a shock through my testicles. 

George came in a few seconds, covering her fist in sticky goo and soon after I felt a familiar tingle roll down the centre of my shaft. Brenda sensed it too. She gripped even tighter and wanked me with greater vigour . My body tensed and then started to tremble.  I held my breath in anticipation. The first spasm jolted through my hips. My eyes clenched tightly shut and my cock rippled several more times.

When the last spasm subsided I opened my eyes to see Brenda’s fist around my cock covered in cum and several more lines of semen crossing her wrist. 

Brenda licked up some of the cum from her hands which I found a little gross, and then she wiped the rest on a towel. George and I were still hard and she resumed her position and continued to wank us both. “Come here” she said to Paul. He didn’t need any encouragement. He tossed his towel to one side and stood up.

“Unbutton my blouse” she ordered.  Paul crouched and nervously started to open the buttons of Brenda’s blouse, then pushed it aside and gazed in awe like a child who had just opened the best Christmas present ever.  Brenda released me and then George in turn so Paul could take off the blouse and then she leaned forwards so he could unhook her bra which after some comical looking fumbling he did.

Three pairs of wide open eyes locked onto her chest as the lacy fabric cups dropped down her arms. Her breasts were beautiful. Two firm pear drop shaped mounds of tanned flesh each about the size of a flattened grapefruit topped with pale pink nipples.

Now Brenda seemed to lose the confident air she had. Her chest heaved, pulling in long, deep, almost nervous sounding breaths. “Touch them then!” she said, quite sharply. Paul swallowed. He extended his hands which were visibly shaking.  He placed them on her breasts ever so gently as though trying to hold two large soap bubbles without bursting them.

Brenda gasped. Her fist gripped my cock tight and twisted as though trying to wrench it off and she thrust her chest out, pressing her breasts against Paul’s hands.

I watched Paul examine with fascination every square inch of Brenda’s breasts. He squeezed and stroked. He cupped them in his palms and gently ran a fingertip around and across the nipples. Brenda looked like she was high on drugs. Eyes shut tight she sucked in short loud gasps of air. Her head rocked left and right and she mumbled constantly and occasionally released a short, sharp moan.

When Pauls hands started to roam over her shoulders and down her stomach, George and I were quick to grab the opportunity to take a breast each. Brenda gasped aloud. She leaned back and seemed to relish the feel of our four hands on her body.       

She seemed to sense that I was approaching another orgasm. She released her grip and stood up, ordering Paul to sit in her place and then in front of us she proceeded to take of the rest of her clothes.

Her body was just stunning. I knew Coach Wiggins was thirty nine and she was just a few years younger. She was short, maybe 5 foot and a bit, slim and petite with black hair to her shoulders.

She watched all of us with a look of great fascination as she removed each item leaving her panties to the last. “So that must be what they call a bikini wax.” I thought. I hadn’t even started shaving my face yet!

Now as naked as we were she turned slowly around two times and then twisted left and right. The three of us sat in a line in front of her, our eyes admiring her body and our cocks standing solid and upright and twitching rapidly.

Brenda folded a towel and dropped it at Paul’s feet to kneel on. Her breasts rested on his knees. Her hands slid up the outside of his thighs. She looked at him with a knowing smile, then down at his cock that pulsed rapidly and now dribbled a constant stream of cum.

She was either savouring the moment or just making Paul wait but she took her time.  Paul meanwhile had the look of someone about to be executed and I doubt he even blinked. She pushed his legs apart and leaned forwards. She looked up into Pauls wide open eyes for any reaction. She extended her tongue and flicked it against the head of his cock. Paul gasped. His cock twitched and squeezed out a large bead of semen which Brenda caught on her tongue.  She repeated this twice more and then wrapped her fingers around the base and clamped her lips around the head.

That was all it took. Paul gasped. His body convulsed and then he quivered uncontrollably. His hips bucked and bounced for almost a minute.  When he was done, Brenda sat up with a broad grin and took a swig from a beer can.   

For the next ten minutes or so Brenda moved from one of us to the other, sitting on our laps, sitting astride our legs, allowing us to touch and feel every part of her body. She seemed to revel in the feel of three pairs of hands on her. We examined everything in great detail. Her bum, her breasts, her legs and her pussy.  In fact we spent as much time feeling her back, legs and arms almost as much as we did on her more private areas.  At the same time she taught us to tongue kiss whilst she toyed with each our cocks in turn, touching, stroking and teasing them almost to the point of orgasm.   

“Which way do you want me?” she asked. Before he could answer she took Paul’s hand and guided him to the bench opposite on which she laid out several towels. Paul obviously didn’t have any idea what to say and she knew it. She thought for a minute, then turned and bent forwards with her legs slightly apart.

From where we were about two metres away we could clearly see the glistening puffy pink lips of Brenda’s pussy gently open and close.  She waggled her backside and Paul stepped forwards. He held her hips and pushed the head of his cock against her thighs, then left a bit and in. He paused and released a loud sigh, and then he breathed in and started to fuck her. He orgasmed within a minute and wanted to continue but Brenda told him to sit down.

I was next. On her back this time I very awkwardly climbed on top of her and with some guidance the head of my cock contacted something warm soft and wet. Brenda looked into my eyes and smiled. “Now”, she said softly. “Push it in.” I bent my hips forwards. I felt the spongy surface separate around the head of my cock and slide down the shaft. I shifted position a few times until I’d found a comfortable rhythm.

Her pussy sucked on my shaft in a way I could never have imagined and an orgasm soon was stirring again. Brenda seemed again to realise I was close. She grinned broadly and started to rock her hips in time with my own.  I tried to keep my eyes open and looking at her for as long as possible when the spasms started. It was short but very intense like nothing I’d ever experienced from wanking and seemed to drain every last ounce of energy I had. I jerked through the last spasm, shuddered and then dropped on top of her.

I lay on top of Brenda for about a minute, enjoying the sensation of her soft, warm and naked body against mine and I would have been happy to lay there for another hour but far too soon it was time to give way to the next one.

George started fucking her on her knees and then finished up straddling her thighs with her flat on her stomach. After a short rest we each took a second turn with her. This time we lay on our backs. She sucked us for a few minutes and then she straddled us whilst stroking and sucking the other two in turn. We all lasted much longer this time and for the first time whilst sat astride George we watched with great pleasure as she shuddered through an orgasm. Following another breather and a beer each we all washed off in the showers where we each took turns to fuck her a third time after which she dried each of us off and then we all dried her off together. 

We didn’t see much of her again after that, but in a way we had ensured Coach Wiggam sort of did something for us as he promised and it was much better that going to the pub.