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Last Saturday I headed down to the art school in town to model for the mid-day figure drawing class at the Art Institute. I’d modeled for this class many times over the past several months and Joe, the instructor, and the class really liked my poses. This week’s class was the first of a new session and the instructor had told me that nearly all of the students would be new and a lot of them would be people from the community and not as many students of the Institute. It was summer and most of the art students were taking the summer off.

I arrived my usual 15 minutes early stripped off my street clothes in the changing room, donned my robe and flip flops and walked into the studio. The room was nearly full, with 25 - 30 students, made up almost exclusively of women from age 30 to 60. I pulled my water bottle out of my pack, checked my watch to make sure it was set to the timer function and began my mild warm-up and stretching routine, getting ready to pose. Several of the women came over to introduce themselves and talk to me.

Cathy introduced herself and asked me how long I’d be modeling. I told her that I’d modeled for figure drawing and painting classes off and on for over 30 years. Cathy was in her early thirties, and very attractive, and dressed in a tank top and shorts.

“30 years? You must have started with you were very young.” She said, obviously not realizing my true age.

“I was 20 when I started modeling.” I told her. “I’m 55, so it was a long time ago.” I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“I really didn’t think you were that old. I’d have said you were maybe 40 or 45.” She put her hand on my arm and smiled and up at me and I noticed that he nipples were now very evident through her tank top.

She held my arm, lightly squeezing it as I said, “Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. By-the-way, you look fantastic.” She blushed, squeezing my arm. I felt my crotch tingle, which was always a prelude to an erection.

I’m a big guy, 6’ 3" tall, weigh 185 lbs and carry very little fat on me. My weight is pretty evenly distributed in my legs, shoulders, arms, and chest. I get lots of exercise working on my ranch, skiing, riding horses, and doing construction work, so I stay in good shape.

The instructor, Joe, arrived and asked me to start the first 20 minute session with one-minute gesture poses, then two-minute poses for the second session, then 5 minute for the third session, then he’d decide if we’d do one long pose or multiple 20 minute poses. I’ve modeled for many of Joe’s classes over the years, both here at the Art Institute and other venues. He was a good friend and he considered me his very best model. I slipped off my flip flops, doffed my robe, walked through the maze of easels and ponies and stepped up onto the modeling platform, under the lights, which surrounded the stage. As I took my first pose I heard several positive comments from the students, which made me smile.

I really like doing gesture poses. I love the creative and physical challenge of them and it’s a great opportunity to show off my body. I rotate around the modeling stand as I pose, so that all the students get front, side, and back views. I do standing, kneeling, twisting, bending, lying, stretching, and flexing poses, all of them showing motion or action so that the students get a chance to really get the feel of the pose.

The instructor was prodding the students to “get the feel of the pose, don’t try to draw detail, there isn’t time.” “Look for the motion, where’s the point of contact with the ground, where’s his weight? Get the feel, don’t worry about detail. Big strokes!” He is a great instructor, very encouraging and always positive.

“Jim, can you hold that pose for a couple more minutes?” He asked. “This is what I mean by getting the feel of the pose.” He said as he drew my pose.

I held the pose, which was bending forward, reaching down as if to help someone up onto the platform with me, my legs spread wide, my weight mostly on my left leg. My backside was towards Cathy.

My muscles were shaking and sweat was dripping off my face and running down the insides of my thighs and my ass crack when he finally said, “Thanks Jim, you can continue.”

I had just a few more 1-minutes poses to finish up the twenty. When I stopped, there was a brief applause, and several thanks from the students. I stood, and stretched briefly, then stepped off the platform and wove my way back through the maze of easels and drawing ponies to get to my back pack and robe. I grabbed a towel out of my pack and dried off, then grabbed my robe. As I turned to put my robe on, Cathy put her hand on my arm, and I turned towards her.

“You were fantastic! Those were the best poses I’ve ever seen.” She said, her eyes were dilated and sparkling, and her nipples were huge.

“Thanks,” I said grinning at her. I started to put my robe on, but she still held my arm.

“I can’t believe how open you are with your body. I think I saw every square inch of your body while you were posing up there.” She said flushing, and stroked my arm.

“That’s what being a figure model is about. I’m hired to pose for you, so that you can draw the human body.” I said looking at her, feeling the distinct tingle in my crotch again, but much stronger this time. I looked down and saw my cock starting to rise rapidly. Cathy followed my look and stared at my rapidly hardening cock. I’m told I’m well hung, but to me I seem average. I’ve measured my cock many times and it measures out about 7.5 inches long and about 6.25 inches around when it’s hard.

Cathy gasped, “Oh my!” and looked up at me.

“Sorry.” I said, pulling away and slipping my robe on. I sat down quickly to hide my erection, and took a long drink out of my water bottle and tried to calm down.

“You don’t need to apologize. I’m flattered.” She said. I looked around and noticed that at least a half dozen of the women had seen my erection and they were grinning like Cheshire cats.

I smiled back at them, took a deep breath and let it out. I looked up at Cathy and smiled. She grinned and headed back to her easel.

I felt my erection subsiding, to my great relief, and checked my watch. I had another couple of minutes before I started the next series of poses.

When I dropped my robe and headed towards the modeling stand, I was still partially erect, and I was concerned about not getting harder. I felt a hand brush my backside a step or two before I stepped up onto the platform and looked back to see one of the oldest women grinning at me. I winked at her and stepped up on the platform. I took a very strenuous pose to start the 2-minute poses, with the hope of limiting my erection. I was partially successful, in that I didn’t get any harder, but throughout the twenty-minute session I stayed partially erect, essentially my cock was almost 7 inches long and quite full, but not standing out hard. I had to consciously keep it from twitching and getting harder.

When the session came to an end, I stepped off the platform and headed back to my robe. The same woman, who had stroked my butt when I headed for the platform, placed a hand on my thigh and stopped me.

“You are very beautiful,” she said stroking my upper thigh, which was causing my cock to harden quickly.

I took her hand in mine and said, “Thank you,” and smiled down at her. I wove quickly back to my robe, my cock rising rapidly to full attention and threw on my robe.

Joe came over and said, “Don’t worry about your ‘problem.’ This is a very appreciative audience.”

“Thanks Joe, I’ve not had this ‘problem’ in a very long time.”

“Enjoy it. I don’t mind.” He said with a wink. Joe’s gay and he’s always enjoyed seeing me naked. This did make me feel better, because the last thing I wanted was to offend Joe, or anyone in the class.

I just decided to forget about the situation and run with it. The next twenty minutes of 5 minute poses went well, with my cock rising and falling, twitching and occasionally emitting strings of pre-cum. At the end of the session, almost half of the students applauded me. I thanked them, my cock standing at attention, as I headed to my grab my robe. Cathy met me at with my robe in her hand. “The rest of the class, and I have decided that you don’t need the robe anymore.” She said folding the robe and putting it in my back pack.

I looked at her and then at the group surrounding me and said, “Okay, whatever you’d like.” and grinned.

She grinned back and said, “Really? Anything I’d like?”

“Sure, why not!” I said looking right into her bright blue eyes.

I wandered around checking out the drawings done by the students enjoying the freedom of not wearing the robe. As I stood looking at an amazing group of sketches produced by the youngest woman in the class, a student from the nearby college, I felt a hand gently caressing the inside of my but cheek, almost touching my scrotum. I looked back and it was the young lady, looking cool as could be. I said, “You are very talented.”

She responded, “You have no clue how talented,” and looked at me coolly sliding a finger between my cheeks and stroking my anus. My cock strained in response and pre-cum oozed out the tip. “You like that, huh?” She asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Obviously.” I replied, smiling down at her.

She grasped the base of my cock in her left hand, stroking slowly up forcing the pre-cum out, catching it on the back of her hand. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it, cleaning most of it off, then she pressed it to my lips and I licked the rest of it off her fingers, drawing them into my mouth and sucking on them.

She smiled at me for the first time, stroked my anus again and patted my butt. “We’ll continue this later, now get back to work,” she said and squeezed my butt cheek.

I headed back to stand, via my back pack. I set my timer for 20 minutes, then took a standing pose with my arms crossed in front, my cock still rock hard. My cock twitched many times over the next twenty minutes, but slowly subsided to about two thirds its erect size and stayed that way. When my timer went off, I stretched, went over to my chair, and after wiping the sweat off my body, sat down.

Cathy came over and knelt down beside me resting her left arm on my thigh. She looked up and said, “Rachael, and I would like you to come over to our place and model for us after class. Would you mind?”

“No, not at all. What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“We’d like to do some detailed, close-up drawings of the male anatomy.” She said looking up at me.

“It’d be my pleasure.” I said looking down at her.

Her right hand came up under my thigh and she began very lightly stroking my testicles. “I’ve never seen or touched a man that’s shaved before, it looks amazing and feels incredible, you are so soft, I never knew you would fee so soft.” She was now stroking my rock hard cock.

“Oh my, darlin’, you keep that up and you’ll soon get a big surprise.”

She smiled as she let go of my cock and stroked my balls. “I like surprises,” She said grinning like a teenager.

“I’d better get back to work.” I said reaching down to help her to her feet.

I moved an old arm chair that was used as a prop onto the platform, grabbed my towel and spread it over the chair, set my timer, then sprawled in the chair for the next 20 minute pose. It was a comfortable old chair and I nearly fell asleep during the pose, but amazingly, my cock stayed hard the entire pose.

When my timer went off, I headed back to my break spot. The woman who’d stopped me before stopped me again, with a hand on my thigh. She said, “You have a beautiful penis. I just had to tell you that, I hope you don’t mind. It’s amazing. I’d never thought that a man’s penis was nice to look at, but now, after seeing yours, I want to see more of them. The only other penis I’ve ever seen was my husband’s, and I didn’t see it but a few times in 40 years of marriage. Now I wish I’d have seen it more.”

“Thank you, I’m very glad you like my cock, uh sorry, penis.”

“That’s alright; I can call it a cock, too. It’s a beautiful cock.” She said smiling up at me.

I did three more 20 minute poses, which I did mostly flaccid, with only a few moments of arousal, and finished out with 20 one-minute gesture poses.

When I went back to my chair, the entire class surrounded me and thanked me for modeling for them. Joe came over and said, “He’ll be back next week, right Jim?”

I told him sure. He gave me a check for $150, and another $100 in tips. I gaped at him for a minute, as I only expected to get $100, then stuffed it all in my pack and started to get dressed. Cathy and Rachael came over and asked if I was still up for coming over to their place to model. I assured them I was and finished getting dressed as they packed up their drawing supplies.

Their house was only 5 minutes from the institute, and immediately upon entering the front room, I removed my clothes. Cathy and Rachael had headed into the other part of the house ahead of me without looking back. Cathy called out, “Make yourself at home. Can I get you something to drink?”

I walked into the kitchen, walking up behind Cathy and asked, “What do you have?”

She startled a bit, as she hadn’t heard me come up behind her, and looking over her shoulder, smiled. “We’ve got some white wine, beer, or some Irish Whiskey.”

I said, “Irish Whiskey, please.” I took the step that separated us and placed my hand on her butt, stroking the inside of her cheek. She smiled at me, her left hand sliding down my belly and cupping my cock and balls. I reached up into the cupboard and pulled down the bottle of Whiskey, snatched a glass from the cupboard and poured a healthy wee dram in the glass. I took a slug, letting it flow over and around my tongue, and eventually swallowing it down. I looked down at Cathy, who was now stroking my hard cock, leaned down and kissed her.

I gently parted her lips with my tongue, running it around her lips, and responding to the prodding of her tongue slid it into her mouth. My hand caught her breast, her nipple hard against the palm of my hand. She pressed hard against my mouth, delving deeper with her tongue, and I deepened the kiss, my hand sliding down between her legs, my fingers finding her swollen clitoris through her thin shorts.

I gently pulled away from the kiss and noticed that Rachael was sitting on the counter across the kitchen, sipping a glass of wine, topless, wearing a pair of well worn jean cutoffs.

I took a big swig of whiskey and walked across the room to Rachael, and sliding her rump to the edge of the counter, I pressed my hard cock against her crotch, pulled her towards me, and kissed her, hard. I took her breast in my hand gently squeezing it, rolling her hard nipple between my finger and thumb, and she groaned, wrapping her legs around my waist and pressing her pussy hard against my cock. I rocked against her and could feel the heat of her pussy on my cock. I thrust my cock against her pussy, dry humping her and I could feel her getting more and more excited. She thrust her pelvis against me harder and harder; she cried out, shuddering against me.

I was very near the point of coming, so I backed off, reaching down and unbuttoning her shorts. She put her heels on the counter and rose up so I could pull her shorts off. She wasn’t wearing anything under the shorts and her pussy was completely naked. I knelt down and buried my head in her drenched pussy, licking her from anus to clitoris, then sucking her clit between my lips and stroking it with my tongue. Almost as soon as I slipped two fingers into her she came again. I kept her going as long as I could, Rachael bucking her hips against my face. When she calmed down, I turned to Cathy, who stood transfixed by what had just happened.

I took another swig of whiskey, finishing what was in the glass, walked across the room and kissed her, hard. She kissed me back fiercely and I began to undress her. I pulled the tail of her tank top out of her jeans and pulled it over her head, exposing her beautiful breasts. I leaned down and taking her nipple in my mouth suckled as if I were a babe. She groaned and arching, pressed my head against her breast. I quickly unsnapped, and unzipped her shorts and slid them to the floor, taking her g-string with them. I leaned forward and kissed her naked pussy, smelling, tasting, and feeling the moisture of her arousal. She stepped out of the clothes like someone in a trance. As I stood up I scooped her up and set her hips on the edge of the counter, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and I slowly slid the head of my cock into her, drew back a little and slid an inch or more of my cock in, lubing my cock with her nectar, then drew back until just the head was in her, then drove my cock into here until I bumped against her cervix. She was very tight, almost as if she were a virgin. I began to stroke into her, slowly at first then faster, pulling my cock nearly completely out, then driving it fully into her hard and fast. She was gasping, and finally cried out, “Oh fuck, I never knew it could be like this!”

I was changing strokes, going slowly, then faster, then short and quick, then long and hard. I could sense Rachael behind me and I looked over my shoulder and smiled at her. She put her arms around me, and pressed her hips against mine, keeping in time with my thrusts into Cathy. She was stroking my balls between my legs, and feeling my cock slide in and out of Cathy, taking the love juices and spreading them over my anus. She pressed her middle finger against my anus and it slipped in easily. She began pushing her finger in and out of my ass, with the same frequency as I was fucking Cathy; she added another finger, pressing them both against my prostate. I was straining to keep from coming, when Cathy thrust her pelvis against mine, screamed, and pinned me there shuddering hard, then convulsed against me. I thrust hard several more times burying myself as deep in her as I could and came hard, crying out, and pulsing cum again and again into her. I pulled her to me hard gasping for breath.

She held me breathing hard. “Fuck, I was married for over 10 years, and I never knew sex could be like this. Oh jesus!”

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her, stroking longer and longer, her pussy full and slick with my cum. “What the fuck? You’re still hard?”

“Sure am.” I said smiling and slid out of her, my cock standing up proudly.

Rachael knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, sucking down Cathy’s and my juices. She took my entire cock in her mouth and licked my balls, she stroked the length of me cock in and out of her mouth. She slid off my cock, and smiled up at me.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard and deep, tasting Cathy, me and her all at once. I picked Rachael up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carefully guided my cock into her wet, swollen pussy. She moaned and cried out as the length of my cock slid deep into her and pressed hard against her cervix. I pulled out and stroked into her again, then again. She held me there, her fingers gripping my ass hard, and came. “You fucker! This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

“What do you mean, ‘this wasn’t supposed to happen?’” I asked.

“I’m not supposed to get off from a guy fucking me! I’m lesbian.”

“I believe you’re probably bisexual.” I said still stroking my cock into her as I held her in my arms. I set her tight little ass on the edge of the counter and began to fuck her hard, driving my cock into her like a piston, pulling out until just the head of my cock was in her, then pounding it into her. I pulled her hard against me, my pubic bone grinding against her pubic bone, her clitoris between us, and drove my cock into her. She leaned back on the counter and ground herself against me and started to come, she came again and again, until she sagged back on the counter, her legs going limp. I pulled out of her, picked her up and carried her into the living room and laid her on the couch.

Cathy followed me into the living room and knelt before me taking my cock in her mouth, sucking hard and doing her best to take my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. I let her work on me for a few more minutes, then knelt down in front of her, pushed her back onto the floor, grabbed a cushion from the couch, and lifting her hips I placed it under her butt. I then licked her from anus to clitoris. I buried two fingers in her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth and tongued it rapidly. She moaned and arched up against my face. I brought her to the brink of an orgasm, then rose up and drove my cock into her to the hilt, she began cumming, and I continued to fuck her hard, keep her at the peak, then as she began to come down, I pulled out and went down on her again. I kept this cycle up for several rounds until she cried, “I can’t take anymore, please let me rest.”

I turned to Rachael, who was lying back on the couch watching me fuck her mom. I pulled her to the edge of the couch and thrust my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her hard. She leaned back and moaned. She sat up, and pushed me over backwards onto the floor, and began to ride me, stroking back and forth, and up and down, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. It wasn’t long before she had me near the brink. I grabbed her hips and said, “You’re about to make me cum!”

“Isn’t that the goal?” She said increasing her tempo.

I groaned and began to thrust up against her and cried out, and came, just as she screamed her orgasm. I continued to thrust into her until she finished and settled onto my chest. I held her there feeling her pussy massage my cock, as I pulsed my cock in her pussy.

We all stumbled into the bathroom, and showered together, with me fucking them both to another orgasm, bent over.

“Are you going to ‘model’ for us again next week after your gig at the institute?” Cathy asked.
“I’ll make sure to put it on my schedule.” I said grinning like a Cheshire cat as I walked towards my truck.