My Happy Day 115112009684

Short Story

I woke early, excited with anticipation of the day. I showered, put on make-up and did my hair. I dressed in a short skirt, jumper, black lace bra and thong. I also put on suspender and stockings, wearing heels for the first time too.

I had made myself a list of things not to forget and was finally ready 20 minutes before my bus. I was so impatient that I left and walked to the next stop in an effort to kill time. I was early for my train so had to wait at the station but I was so excited that it did not matter. Once boarded the journey went quickly, and approaching my destination I text to inform my prospective lover that the train was on time.

Getting off the train I could not see him, so phoned. He informed me that he was at the ticket office. I went down the stairs and saw him immediately; he is so tall and large. He had his back to me and turned as I approached. I walked up to him and we kissed. Not a peck on the cheek, but a deep passionate kiss. It was as if we had been lovers for a long time. I felt his hand on my arse, he felt through my skirt, feeling my suspender straps, pushing my pelvis into his erection. We broke the kiss,

“Good morning.” I said, he smiled and replied in kind.

I took his hand and was amazed at the size and feel of it, such male hands. We walked to the car, he was asking about my journey and generally chatting, we immediately clicked and relaxed in each other’s company. When we got to the car I settled into the passenger’s seat. When my lover was behind the wheel, he reached across and lifted my skirt. Not aggressively, but with certainty, he knew what he wanted to see.

“Mmmmmm, very nice,” were his only words, I knew he liked stockings and had worn them for him.

I smiled and leaned over to plant a kiss on his lush lips. We drove out of the car park and onto the open road; his hand was immediately back between my thighs. His fingers stroking my wet pussy, and she was very wet, through my thong. I shifted my hips forwards and opened my knees wider, allowing him more access. He moved his fingers under my thong and found my clit. We were out on the motorway now, but I was so unaware of anything but the wanton feeling he was producing in me. I knew I was moaning and squirming but did not feel dirty or inappropriate, I felt wonderful. He continued to finger my cunt and clit until I came. My cunt was so wet that I did not bother putting my thong straight; I just took it off and put it in my bag. We chatted in a relaxed manner until we got to the club.

He parked the car, turned off the ignition, but before I could open the door he reached across, lifted my skirt and looked at my pussy. Raising an eyebrow he said “Hmmm….” and kissed me. I was not sure if he was pleased at my shaven area or not. I hoped he was.

We went in and as I had not been before he guided me to the changing room. Rather than let me undress myself he held me again and kissed me, long, slow, languid kisses. His hands went below my top and lifted it up, revealing my bra. At this point a naked man walked by…

“Morning,” he said to us as he walked on through.

“Morning,” we both replied, very relaxed and casual.

I had bought a new robe for the day; it is dusky pink satin, with a design of grey feathers on it. The robe stops at mid thigh and has a wrap around tie. I had also been told to take flip-flops, so we dressed and went to have a look around; there is a pool, a lounge, a hot-tub, seating areas. Then through a doorway there is a very warm, open space, the dungeon. The lighting was red and the music loud. We went inside; along the edges there were different rooms that had no doors, each with a different scenario. One a large bed, one a swing, one seemed to be a cell.

“Are you ok? Do you want to stay?” My lover was so concerned that I would not like it.

“Oh yes. I want to feel your hands on me." 

He immediately turned and kissed me. He’d had his hands on me from the moment we got out of the car, but now he removed my robe and we had skin contact. He backed me onto a table, cushioned top covered in leather style fabric. I had to hitch up my hips to sit on the edge, he pushed at my shoulders and I lay back. I realised that the table was high enough that he did not have to kneel to lick my pussy. I was lost. I knew I was squirming and moaning but it felt so good. I turned my head and realised that there was a guy standing quite close, wanking as he watched us. I did not want anyone else to intrude but was happy for him to watch and enjoy. I came so quickly. When I came down, I realised that the guy watching had gone.

"What do you want to do first?”

“I want to play in private for a while please, love." 

This pleased my lover, and with a big grin he offered his hand and assisted me off the table and then guided me towards a private room, with a possessive hand on my arse. There were large windows, filled with slightly mirrored glass, allowing people to look in but giving intimacy to the people inside. There was a large bed, and a few scatter cushions. I crawled onto the bed and lay on my back; my lover prowled across the bed and lay on top of me. We kissed and kissed, and oh what kisses. Not demanding, but enticing, inviting making me search for more. Eventually he moved down my body and stopped at my breasts, he took a nipple into his mouth sucking, licking and even the odd nibble or two. After an age he moved further down towards my now soaked cunt. Then oh wow, when his tongue lathed over my clit ….. I came hard and fast the first time. He spent a long time at my cunt doing the same to my clit as he had to my nipple. I saw the shadow of a guy wanking at the window as he watched us, this aroused me more, knowing someone was gaining pleasure from what we were enjoying.

He is not a dominant man but he knows what he likes and is not shy about taking it. I had said that I did not want to go bareback but found myself saying.

” I want you in me.“

He looked up and smiled, "are you sure?”

“I need you, now.”

He came up my body like a stalking cat, kissing me and resting his hard cock at my clit. My cunt was so wet. He moved his cock over my clit slowly, giving me time to pull back, but I needed him then. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him into me. He stilled, and then began to move oh so slowly, long, deep, languid strokes. Before long he stilled again. I must have looked bemused as he explained …

“I have to stop babe, or I will cum and I don’t want to yet.” So we lay in each other’s arms, legs tangled, kissing, caressing. “Whatever you want to do babe, just say, this is your Christmas Day.”

“Can we go for a swim please?” I have never been naked in water before and I knew he had a particular fantasy too.

“Yes, of course.” He said kissing me. We left the room and took the short walk to the pool.

It was a covered pool, very warm and there was a hot-tub too. When we first got there, there were two other couples, one in the pool and one in the hot-tub. We smiled our hellos and entered the water. It was amazing, the sensation on my bare skin and aroused cunt; I had never felt anything like it. I swam long strokes to the end of the pool, duck-diving to give a nice view of my arse to my lover. He was in no hurry to catch me up, and seemed happy to follow me around the pool. I was like a child in their first snow, just enjoying the freedom. I swam back to my lover and circled him. Hooking my legs around his hips and kissing my thanks. Keeping my legs around his hips I lie back in the water and let my top half float. He caressed my hips, ribs and breasts, moving his hands over my body with such warmth. I could feel his hard cock against my cunt, and knowing his fantasy was to have sex in the pool, I lifted slightly and lowered myself down onto him. The look on his face was beautiful, sheer bliss, his eyes closing slowly as he was lost in the feeling. As we were in the water it was easy to move on each other and we loved for hours.

When we came up for air we realised that we were alone in the pool area, so decided to go into the hot tub. It was very warm and where I sat there were bubbles being blown directly over my cunt. We sat, petted, kissed and chatted for a short time, but had to get out as it was too hot. I wanted to show my gratitude, so took his towel and dried him off, ever so slowly, starting with his back and legs, finishing with his chest and lower. It was nice to give something back to this gentle man. By this time I was beginning to feel faint, as I had not eaten all day, I had been too excited to have breakfast. I did not tell my lover how bad I was feeling, I did not want him to feel worried, nor did I want to leave. So I asked for a cup of coffee, adding sugar to boost my sugar levels. It was a chill day, so we decided to take our drinks to the lounge. There was porn on the television, and one other guy in there. We sat on the sofa and cuddled as we drank. I was very hot so removed my robe to let myself cool off. My lover had his hands all over me, stroking my inner thigh, my hips, holding my cunt with a possessive hand. The other guy in the room was wanking and watching us rather than the porn. I turned to my lover and offered my mouth for a kiss, which he took to his full advantage.

“Do you want to stay here, or do I get my massage?” I asked.

“You get your massage love, come on.” He said assisting me from the sofa and going to collect our massage oil.

We entered the private room again and I lay on the bed. I squealed as it was very cold against my heated skin. He laughed and then came and sat on my bum. I heard the lid being opened and the oil being squirted into his hands. I was please he did not put it directly on my back as I would have jumped at the coldness. Then his hands were on me, such warm, large, male hands. He took his time massaging, kissing my back, neck and shoulders. Then he shifted his weight and his hands were kneading my bum and upper thighs, down my calves. As his hands moved back up my legs he let his fingers brush my cunt lips, getting harder each time. I lifted my arse and then rolled over.

“Mmmmm, you want your front massaged too?”


He lifted my leg and with a little more oil continued with the sensual massage. I turned my head and realised that there was a guy at the window. Checking the door was locked I relaxed again. This was special and I wanted it to continue. I hear the handle of the door being tried, then a male voice asked

“Do you need help buddy, very good at massage and clean guy.” My lover looked at me allowing me to make the decision. I shook my head.

“No, thanks,” my lover informed the guy, and he left without any pushing, and we returned to our massage.

After a long time he asked if he got a turn, I smiled and moved from underneath him, allowing him to lay on his front. He is very broad and I lavished oil over his back and relished the feeling of just touching him. I took my time and could feel him relax under my hands. He has a triangle of hair at the base of his spine that drew me. I kissed and played there for a bit before moving further down over his bum to his thighs and calves

"Not the feet!” He said as I went to massage his soles. I immediately moved back up his legs, knowing the feeling of someone touching where you don’t like. As my hands moved up his thighs I allowed my fingers to brush his balls, just as he had done for me. He let out a sigh, smiling I did the same again and he made more sounds of pleasure. Using his little sounds as a guide I found a place that obviously bought him great pleasure. I massaged his bum with my other hand and not knowing how far he would let me go, I slowly let my fingers get closer to his arse hole. He did not stop me, in fact he was becoming so aroused he lifted his hips, so I kept my hand moving over his arse whilst I massaged his cock and balls.

“Oh god, …… so good.” He managed to choke out.

“Do you want to roll over babe, or shall I continue?" 

He did not answer; rather he just rolled over onto his back. I moved my hands up the front of his thighs and took his hard cock into my mouth. Hearing his sigh, I smiled. I am never sure about giving oral but again taking my clues from him I continued to give him pleasure. I could feel his cock twitch and grow, it was a wonderful feeling. It did not seem long when he said, 

"I am going to cum.”

“Do you want that babe, or do you want me to stop?”

“I don’t know;” he answered frustration in his voice “I just ….don’t….know!”

“It’s your choice, love. Just tell me, I can continue or we can wait.” I continued to wank him, and took him back into my mouth whilst he struggle with what he wanted. “Do I keep going?”


“Mmmmm. Cum babe." 

“I’m going to cum!”

With that I felt the final twitch of his cock. I do not like guy’s cuming in my mouth, but did manage the first jet, for him. Then I wanked him until he stopped cuming. He lay, spent, with his eyes closed as I cleaned him up then lay cuddled into his side. We spent time talking and just being together. We had sex again, and at some point he took me from behind, it was all so hedonistic, each time exquisite.

After a long time we decided to have another drink and swim. I also had my toy with me and was keen to have him play. We again took our drinks to the lounge, there were two guys in there again being very respectful and not intruding as we sat, cuddled and kissed. I finished my drink first. I was sat across the sofa, my back pressed into his side, one leg over the arm and the other one on the floor, essentially opening me up for his exploration. He had his arm over my shoulder and could reach between my legs. To kiss, all I had to do was lean back; he tilted his head and gave me a generous kiss. One of the guys got up and walked past us through the door; he looked at my cunt and continued on his way. When he returned quickly it was obvious that he was making excuses to look at me. I felt so very sexy.

“Can we go for another swim?” 

I knew the guys were interested and hoped that one would follow. I did not want a gang bang but wanted to be stroked. With my lover’s hands on me, we walked back into the pool. It was dark by now and the water was gently lit. We were the only two in there and I swam and enjoyed the decadence. The door opened and one of the guys from the lounge had followed us. He was very respectful and stayed to the side of the pool. My lover knew I wanted to feel many hands so I did not feel in anyway nervous about showing off for my audience. I was very naughty, I somersaulted in the water and duck-dived, clearly showing my bum. I floated on my back and lay in a crucifix position, giving plenty of opportunity for viewing my body. My lover and I hugged and kissed, he continually asked if I was ok and on my reassurance he must have signalled the other guy because next thing there were hands on my feet.

I gave my lover a deep passionate kiss, I needed him to know I was still with him, and it was only their touch I wanted.

“Don’t let them penetrate me,” was my only request, “I only want you.”

I knew I was safe with him. I felt more hands on me, someone was behind me hands on my bum, someone was at my feet caressing my legs, but all the time I knew which hands were my lovers. Not asking for anything, not demanding, but reassuring, gentling and protecting. He kept one hand over my clit and cunt, not allowing anyone even near my treasure. Some of the guys were seeking kisses, but each one thrust his tongue into my mouth, instead of kissing me. Each time I broke off immediately and returned to the best. I shifted my position, keeping my arm locked around my lover; I let myself float on my back. I then had a mouth at each breast, one sucking and licking gently, however the other was far too aggressive, it felt hard and was painful. I turned back into my lover’s arms and he spun us away from the crowd, putting me in a corner, shielding me with his broad body. We continued to kiss and he held me, asking me if I was ok. On my reassurance and when things had calmed, he allowed us out of the corner. There were just two others near us in the water by then, one sat very near and stroked my legs, one had his hands on my shoulders and in my hair. He kissed my face and licked my jaw and ear. I turned my face to his to accept a kiss; it was a better kiss, sensual so I gave him more; however I still preferred my lover’s lips. I once again lay back and allowed them to caress my body; I do remember somebody biting my toes which made me jump but was not painful. Also there was a guy on the side wanking as he watched us. I cannot tell how long we were in there but it felt like 2 minutes, it must have been over an hour.

“Love, we have to make a move,” I knew my lover had to go to work and was happy with all that had happened, so was not disappointed at his statement. I smiled and let him carry me to the pool steps, giggling like a school girl. At the top of the steps I turned to the guys in the pool and said

“Thank you.” I knew I was smiling all across my face.

“Thank you,” they replied.

I was amazed to see so many people I thought 4, but my lover tells me that there were at least 5. We put on our robes and headed for the changing rooms and showers. The shower room was large and open with perhaps 4/6 shower heads. There was one guy already there, I smiled my hello and turned on a tap, standing under the warm spray. I felt those large male hands on my back as my lover washed me; I washed my hair and took my turn at washing his back too. A second guy, one from the pool had joined us by now but everyone was respectful and seemed to enjoy looking at my body with the water running over it. As I turned of the tap and went to leave, I felt a gentle touch on my bum. I turned and gave the guy a smile, he smiled back, I was real naughty walking up to him and giving him a kiss. 

We went to the changing room to dress; I was feeling real naughty by now so played a little. I took my time in dressing; I made sure I bent down often showing my bum. Then I put on my suspender and stocking, smoothing up my legs oh so slowly. I hoped the guys enjoyed the show. We said our good-byes and went to the car; the journey back to the train station flew by as we chatted about our day. Trying to think of best bits of such a perfect time, reassuring each other that we enjoyed the time, and agreeing we had to return one day soon.

Back at the station, I was surprised that my lover walked me from the car park to the platform. It was such a nice thing to do and when he asked me to let him know I was home safe, I knew I wanted to be friends with this generous man. On the walk from the car he did take one final gorgeous liberty, he lifted my skirt behind and put his hand on my bare arse, so very sexy