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Short Story

She watched as the orange arms breached her bedroomwindow.  The reality of her situation hadn’t registered in her numb mind and as a dark smoke plume gathered up and drifted into the night sky, she wondered if the wood of her bedframe smelled nice while it was consumed by the fire. 

            Actually, it wouldn’t be just her bedframe.  As she thought about it, she realized it would also be her mattress and her dresser and her phone charger and her dresses and silk blouses and the forty or so pairs of shoes she had stuffed in her closet.

It was her whole life burning down.

A small drip of reality built in the corner of her eye.  She sniffled and tried to keep it back but it slid down her cheek.  A moment later she wiped at it, the saltiness making it feel crusty on her skin.

She suddenly felt like she was being watched.

Her house was burning down so the whole neighborhood was outside pointing at her, but she felt an odd shiver down her spine as she felt an intent behind their gaze that called to her sixth sense.

She searched the crowd and made eye contact with a firefighter.  He had just removed his head gear and she noticed his dark, damp hair and the sweat dripping down his face to the small cleft in his chin.

As he walked past, she stopped him, “Thank you for trying to save my house.”

He paused, “This is your house?”

Kelly nodded and was suddenly aware she was standing in the middle of her street in her fuzzy robe and pink slippers.

“You should follow me.  We’ll get you a blanket and take your information for the report.”

She swallowed.  A report?  Of course.  She would need to file insurance paperwork and…

All her insurance documents had been in her house. 

She nibbled on her bottom lip and she barely noticed as a second tear slid down her cheek. 

             Amber, dressed for a night out in a tight black dress and pink pumps, giggled and deposited a second round of lemonade and vodka on their table.  The first round had loosened them up enough that Kelly could feel the stress draining from her body.  Ever since the fire, she had felt like a tightly wound ball of rubber bands but now the alcohol made her feel as if someone had pulled the ball apart, freeing the tension.

            The second drink was to get the night started.

            Halfway through their drinks, a waitress brought over two more.  The two women looked at each other, confused.

            Amber said, “Um, we didn’t order these.”

            The waitress smiled and bobbed her head, her shiny brown hair swishing in her ponytail.  “I know.  The gentleman over at the bar bought this round for you.”

            The ladies looked over as a tall man in tight blue jeans gave a brief wave and offered a soft smile.

            Kelly and Amber waved back and Kelly said, “He looks really familiar.”

            Amber giggled.  “Does he?  That’s good because he also looks really delicious.”

            The man walked over and smiled at Kelly.  “Hi.”

            “Um, hi.”

            The table sat in awkward silence for a moment. 

            The man cleared his throat then said, “I guess it was a pretty crazy night so you might not remember me, but I’m Mike.  I was the firefighter that brought you over to give a report that night.”

            “Oh?  … Oh!  I do remember you!  I …” Kelly cleared her throat and a flush crept into her cheeks, “I am so sorry about that night.  I was such a mess.  I can’t believe you even recognized me now that I’m not sobbing my eyes out.”

            He laughed then said, “You kept saying you had no more clothes so I imagined you going to work in those pink fuzzy slippers for a while.”  He slid into a seat next to her and pointed down at her shoes under the table.  “I’m glad you found some regular shoes even though these are at least as sexy as the fuzzy slippers.”

            Kelly glanced down at her black heels as Amber leaned over the table, purposefully pushing her cleavage together, and clarified, “So, you are a firefighter?”

            His attention was off in the distance as a group behind them got up to leave.  Mike smiled at the ladies and excused himself. 

            Amber scooted her stool closer to Kelly and scoffed while adjusting her breasts, “He didn’t even notice these babies.  What is wrong with him?”

            Kelly shrugged, “Maybe he wasn’t here to flirt with us.  Maybe he was just genuinely interested in seeing that I was okay after the fire.”

            Amber rolled her eyes and mocked what he said earlier, “ ‘…these are at least as sexy as the fuzzy slippers.’ Kelly, honey, he practically winked when he said that!  He so wants you.  And I think that after all the crazy you’ve been through during the past few weeks, you should totally hit that.”

            Amber finished her drink and made annoying sounds with her straw.  Mike returned to his seat next to Kelly and Amber shot over a pointed look.  She suddenly jumped up from the table and announced, “I’m all out of my drink.  Kelly, I’m going to go grab another, do you want another?”

            Kelly shook her head.  She had only just started her free drink. 

            Mike’s leg rested against hers under the table as he asked her how she was doing after the fire. 

            Amber returned to the table, distracted.  She waited while Mike finished his comment to Kelly.

            “So you’ve been staying with your parents?  That’s awful, Kelly, I’m so sorry. Doesn’t your insurance pay for a temporary hotel stay?”

            Amber slammed her drink down on the table and checked her phone.  She glanced at Kelly while Kelly’s phone buzzed.

            Kelly held up her finger to Mike while she furrowed her brows and pulled up a text:

 Get all over your sexy firefighter!  I’m heading out.

             Amber reached to give her friend a small hug and said, “Bye, Babe!  I’ll catch up with you later!”

            She winked at Mike and walked out of the bar with a rugged Adonis.

            Mike mockingly held his hand up to his chest and asked, “She is leaving you here alone with me?”

            Kelly nodded and said, “I guess so.  I actually feel weird staying here now without her.  Do you want to head somewhere else?”

            Mike sat with his hand on his chin then offered, “I suppose the fire station is empty right now.  I could give you a tour and let you sit in one of the fire trucks.”

            Kelly wasn’t sure.  Mike had come up with that offer pretty fast and she wondered how many other women he had convinced to go to the fire station with him.  Mike seemed nice and she was undeniably attracted to him, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to do anything as risky as wandering a fire station with him late at night.  Should she go?

 They had toured the kitchen and the main area.  Now he was being true to his word and she was climbing up into the driver’s seat of a bright red fire truck.  He stood next to her on the metal step and pointed things out to her.

            “This is how you would turn it on,” he reached over her, his hand almost brushing against her breast, “and this switch…”

            They heard voices and his eyes widened.  “Aw, shit.  Can I ask you to crawl in the back so no one sees us?  If they see you, I’ll get endless amounts of teasing and they’ll assume you’re my girlfriend.”

            Kelly scrambled out of the seat and into the back, accidentally showing off her black thong under her dress, while Mike hopped in after her and closed the door.  He crouched next to her, his arm brushing hers and his face only a few inches away while he peered out the window. 

            She whispered into his ear, “They must not have been coming this way.”

            He turned his head back, his face barely centimeters away and Kelly caught herself gazing into his eyes as he whispered, “It sounds like it.”

            Forgetting what they had been talking about, she tilted her face closer to his and asked, “It sounds like what?”

            He closed the small distance between them and covered her mouth with his.  He slid his hand under her short dress and up to her hips.  She opened her mouth and flicked her tongue out.  The small sensation from her mouth buzzed down his body as his blood rushed to his groin.

He snapped the string waistband of her panties against her hips and pulled them down on that side of her waist.  Gently pushing forward so she was backed into a seat, he moved his warm mouth over her chin and down her neck, softly sucking and pressing.  He moved his mouth down her shoulder, sliding her dress straps down her arm and following them with his mouth.  When he got to her wrist, he sucked and gently blew on the sensitive skin.

            Slowly on the inside of her thigh, he traced soft figure eights up, down, and back up the other leg while he pulled her dress top down and flicked his tongue over an exposed nipple.  She moaned and clenched his upper arm while pushing her chest up and closer to him. 

            He moved his hand from her thigh up to her waist and pulled down the other side of her panties.  He flicked over her nipple once more then pulled on her knees, indicating she should slide down in the seat. 

            Mike got down on his elbows and pulled her panties all the way down to hang off one of her ankles.  He slipped one hand under her leg and grasped her waist while settling between her legs.  He pressed his lips up the inside of her thigh then turned his head to inhale the scent of her.  She smelled musky and he detected a hint of sweet that teased his nostrils and had him ready to plow into her.

            But first, he used his free hand to gather her skin and push her lips together, rubbing them between his fingers.  He flicked his tongue back and forth at the top over her exposed clit.  In response, she moaned and pushed her hips forward on the seat, “Oh my god, do that again.”

            She pressed her thighs around his head as he flicked his tongue over her a few more times before letting go of her skin and settling his mouth over her.  She arched her back up and her hands were gripping the seat behind her.  He continued with his tongue and slid one finger in, then two.  Pushing down against her with his fingers, his mind greedily registered her deep breaths and moans.  He glanced up at her to see her hand around one of her breasts and her eyes squeezed shut in passion. 

            She squirmed against him as his pressure from his fingers fucked her and his tongue teased her clit mercilessly, quickly building her up to an intense orgasm.  Her legs shook and her hips pressed up into his face as her orgasm spread and warmed her body, bringing a light flush to her cheeks.

Mike was rock hard and ready to plow the fuck out of her.  He didn’t notice his coworkers as they entered the garage. 

            Anthony opened the truck door, calling back to Jack, “I swear Jack, it sounds like someone got in here.  Probably a couple of teens…”

            Anthony’s draw dropped as Mike’s guilty face popped from around the driver’s seat.  His friend was at a loss for words as he attempted to explain why he was in the back of the truck.  “Uh, hey Anthony.  I um… I was just…”

            Anthony cut him off, “Mike, do you have someone back there with you?  I hear breathing.”

            Kelly was still aroused and the third drink from the bar had almost worn off but still had her giggly.  In a bold tone, she said, “Mike, I can still see your dick poking against your jeans.  Isn’t that uncomfortable?  We should all take our pants off.”

            Mike glared back at her but Anthony was trying to peek around the driver’s seat into the back as he echoed, “We should all take our pants off?”

            Jack, who was standing right behind Anthony, scrunched his brows and asked, “Why are we taking our pants off?”

            Mike glared at Kelly, who shrugged and rubbed at his crotch over his jeans with a naughty smile.  Quietly, so only he could hear, she said, “I really want to keep playing with this.”

            Something about the night made Kelly feel a little reckless.  Sure, she’d had sex in bed, on couches, on floors, but never in a fire truck.  Now that she was here, Kelly was curious to see just how far this night would go.

            Mike was not yet on board with Kelly’s care-free attitude.  His sarcastic tone was meant to show how uncomfortable he was with the situation as he said, “What, should we let them watch?”

            Kelly bit her lip, giggled, and nodded.  “Sure.”

            Anthony climbed into the driver’s seat and greeted Kelly, “Well if you aren’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in a fire truck.”

            Kelly was reaching to unzip Mike’s pants but he blocked her hand. “Kelly, do you know what you’re doing?”

            He pushed Anthony out of the truck and grabbed Kelly’s hand.  “Come on, Kelly.  I’m sorry this is how the night ended.”

            Kelly’s face fell as she adjusted her dress. 

            Anthony smiled at her, “The prettiest thing I’ve seen in this fire station.”

Jack pointed at Mike, “Holy crap, Michael, next time the hose isn’t long enough I’ll just call you!”

Between his teeth, Mike cut out a response, “Jack… don’t look at my dick.  Don’t ever talk about it again.”

Anthony shook his head and offered Kelly his hand.  “I’m sorry Mike has turned into a real dick tonight.  Why don’t you follow me and I’ll show you where you can freshen up before heading out.”

            Kelly followed Anthony back into main area.  Once they were out of earshot from Mike and Jack, she admitted, “I was ready to get pretty kinky tonight, y’know?  Like, I’ve had a ton of stress since my house burned down but the more time I’ve spent with Mike tonight, the more I was looking forward to just not giving a fuck anymore.  For just tonight.  If he had been like, ‘Let’s do it in the ass!’ I would have gone ‘Let’s do it!’  I had convinced myself that tonight was a good night to go a little crazy with a stranger.  Now… I have to go back to a house that isn’t mine and think about all the other extra stress in my life.”

            Anthony placed his fingers under her chin and gently lifted her face up.  He opened his mouth to say something but wasn’t really sure what to say. 

            Kelly spoke instead, “Mike was my ride here.”

            Anthony smiled at her, “What, you want a ride home in the fire truck?”

            Kelly muttered, “I wanted a good ride in the fire truck.”

            Anthony laughed at her comment. “You really are a naughty girl tonight!”

            Kelly’s face fell again.  This time, Anthony lifted her chin and kissed her just as Mike and Jack walked back into the room.

            Mike stopped in the doorway, fuming, but Jack walked all the way in and watched.  Shrugging, he stood behind Kelly and pulled the bottom of her dress up to her waist, then ran his palms over the smooth skin of her ass cheeks.  He brought his hand back and sprung forward for a good smack.  She wiggled and jumped in surprise, giggling.

            “Oh, that was sexy! Do that again.”

            She clutched Anthony’s shoulders and spread her legs, arching her ass out.  Jack gave another smack then grabbed an ass cheek.  Anthony pulled her strapless dress down on top and fondled her breasts while Jack pulled her panties back down.  He reached from behind and moved his fingers forward to tease her clit.

            Kelly moaned and spread her legs for Jack while Anthony lowered his head to her breasts, sucking one round nipple into his mouth. 

            Mike watched as Anthony moved from one breast to the other, pressing his cheek against it then pulling it into his mouth.  Kelly’s hands were in his hair and her face was flushed with passion. 

            Jack pulled Kelly by the hand to the ottoman and motioned for her to kneel on it. 

            Anthony unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his dick out while Kelly knelt on all fours with Jack behind her.  Jack pulled his cock out and ran the tip up and down Kelly’s pussy.

            Kelly was too wrapped up in the moment to notice Mike walk further into the room.  She pushed back on her knees into Jack, his teasing had her wet and she could feel his tip softly travel up and down her pussy, making her restless.  She had only ever been with one man at a time.  The current attention she was getting from two men was overwhelming.  She was stuck on a fence between wanting to let them both fuck her senseless and wanting to reach out and feel Anthony’s smooth dick in her hand.  Kelly felt every inch of her was getting attention and no matter which way she looked, she had a male ready to take over her body.

            Jack’s hard cock slowly pushed in and Kelly took a moment to enjoy the sensation of his dick gliding against her.  She gasped and pushed back against him while his hands settled on her hips.  But Anthony didn’t give her too long before he scooted closer to her and brushed her hair away from her face while pressing hid velvet tip against her lips.

            Kelly’s groans of excitement were stifled in her throat as she slid her mouth over Anthony’s cock.  She found herself moving in time with Jack’s dick fucking her in and out.  As she slipped her mouth over Anthony, she found it difficult to concentrate on any one thought.  Usually, her mind was abuzz with information, but the overload of the moment forced her to let go of her normal way of thinking.  All thoughts disappeared and her mind blanked as she gave over to her senses and physical world.

            Everything beyond a couple inches of her faded as her mind focused on the hard cock pushing into her and the firm dick in her mouth as her lips slid up and down the smooth shaft.  Anthony’s hands were in her hair, keeping it out of her face and every now and then he made a small groan. 

            None of them noticed as Mike left the room and returned with a bottle of lube he had stashed in his room.  He didn’t want to admit it at first, but the sight of Kelly’s beautiful body getting fucked and handled had him rock hard.  It was better than watching porn because it was happening three feet away from him.  The room quickly filled up with the scent of sex and Mike, now more than ever, wanted to touch her and reassure himself that this was actually happening.

Mike tossed Jack the bottle of lube as Jack gestured for Kelly to switch positions.  Mike lay on the ottoman face-up and slid his hands up Kelly’s arms as she settled back on the ottoman, over him.  He watched Kelly’s face as his long cock slid up into her.  She smiled at him and shifted her hips up and down at her waist, riding him.

            Jack, behind her, rubbed lube over his dick and pressed his tip against Kelly.  Surprised, Kelly turned to look behind her as Mike encouraged her to hold herself up on her knees.  Jack held her ass cheeks apart and Kelly held still while Jack lubed his finger and slowly pressed in. While Mike thrust inside her, the added pressure from Jack aroused and excited Kelly to a level she didn’t know she could feel.  He wiggled his finger and Kelly gasped, resting her head forward on Mike, the ecstasy of the additional sensation overexerting her.

            Jack removed his finger and Kelly immediately felt the loss.  Again, Jack pressed his tip against her and Mike stopped moving while Jack slowly squeezed in. 

            Having tossed all thought to the wind, Kelly could only scrunch her brows together at how tight everything felt.  Two dicks felt marvelous.  In her ass, Kelly felt like something was pushing her farther than anything she had ever felt in her pussy.  Jack filled her but once Mike resumed thrusting, the stimulation was pure ecstasy.  Kelly had never in her life, even with her toys, felt the level of pleasure that two dicks were giving her in this moment.

            Anthony crouched with a knee on the ottoman and when her face turned to the side, he stifled her loud moans with his cock.  Deep in her throat, she still moaned, but she opened her mouth while Anthony again fucked her face.

            Kelly was full of three dicks, in her ass, in her pussy, and in her mouth.  She couldn’t keep her eyes open and felt completely taken over as she gave over her body to the fucking of her lifetime.

Slowly, she felt an orgasm build in her stomach. Her orgasm spread through her body while three merciless dicks pumped against her and pushed her body to shiver and release her from her tense state of ultimate arousal.  Exhausted after her orgasm, Kelly could barely keep her arms and legs up while three cocks continued to fuck her body.

Mike was the first to feel an orgasm coming on.  He pulled out of Kelly and slipped his fist around his cock while Jack and Anthony picked up on his cue.  Jack guided Kelly to a spot on the floor where she knelt and turned her face up to them. 

            Kelly opened her lips and Mike slipped his tip into her mouth.  Her wet mouth caressed his sensitive tip while his cum squirted into her mouth.  Her hand pumped over Anthony and he was next, his load landing on her cheek and dripping down her chin.  Jack was last and his cum squirted onto the other side of her face.  Kelly opened her eyes and giggled while cum dripped down her face and onto her chest.