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Short Story

Maggie reached out a graceful hand to take another glass of champagne from the tray proffered by the shy, young waiter. Was this her third glass? No, her fourth, but what the hell? It was her daughter’s wedding and she was going to enjoy herself. She glanced again at the smartly dressed waiter and couldn’t resist leaning slightly towards him, making sure that he got a good view of her cleavage. She was rewarded by a slight reddening in the young man and the trace of a smile on his handsome features. As he moved away Maggie’s eyes sought out her tiresome husband. He had positioned himself at a corner table with two of his boring golf cronies who he had insisted on inviting despite the fact that they were virtual strangers to his daughter Laura. Now the three of them were swilling beer and making no attempt to involve themselves in the celebrations that washed around them. The wedding had been a triumph and with the reception now in full swing, Maggie pushed aside any further contemplation of her spouse and decided that she was going to have a good time. She had married young, had Laura when she was 21 and now, still only 43 she had retained her attractive figure. The glamourous dress that clung to her firm body accentuated the provocative ripeness of her curves and she exuded a heady, feline sexuality. Sipping the champagne, she watched Laura on the dance floor, laughing excitedly with agroup of bright young things which included a couple of old school friends as well as her new husband Rick and his best man, Graeme. As Maggie contemplated them, Graeme looked in her direction, smiled broadly and raised his glass to her. Maggie returned his smile and raised her glass in salute before bringing it to her lips and tipping the sparkling contents down her throat. As she lowered the goblet she saw that Graeme’s eyes were still upon her and he discreetly detached himself from the group and walked towards her.

“Hello, Mrs. Crawford. Would you like another glass?” His voice was warm and friendly and his eyes on hers twinkled with good humour. Maggie laughed lightly, “Not if you’re going to call me Mrs. Crawford, it makes me sound so old! Maggie, please.” She gave his arm the lightest of touches and allowed her beautifully manicured and painted nails to graze his wrist.

“Maggie” he corrected himself, “May I get you some more champagne?” His smiling eyes remained upon her as he waited for a reply.

“Thank you Graeme, that would be lovely”, her lips parted in a glittering smile and there was again a fleeting contact of fingers as she passed him her glass. She watched him as he intercepted the waiter and felt a frisson of excitement as she eyed his lithe, confident movement. She bestowed another brilliant smile on him as he handed her the champagne and they clinked glasses. With fortuitous good timing the live band suddenly changed tempo from upbeat dance music and the unmistakeable strains of “Wonderful Tonight” filled the room.

“Ah, they’re playing my song!” Maggie laughed coquettishly and shot a look at Graeme that was full of encouragement.

“Would you like to dance, Maggie?” he asked gallantly and without speaking she placed her glass on the nearest table and offered him a graceful arm. When his hand touched her waist a heady rush of excitement tingled through her body and as they started dancing she leaned closer. Each step, each gentle sway of her hips brought their bodies into ever more intimate contact. Maggie’s hand pressed into the small of his back, drawing him still closer. She was light headed from the champagne and exhilirated by the sensuality of their two bodies moving in unison. She pressed into him, her breasts moving against his chest causing her nipples to respond in arousal. More and more daring as the heat rose within her, she slipped her leg between his, her silky thigh sensuous and demanding. She heard the catch in his breath and felt the stirring from his cock as her leg slipped relentlessly backwards and forwards between his thighs.

How much longer would this last? Would the band play another slow number or was this her one and only chance? She had to be sure, had to make absolutely certain or things could go horribly wrong. She slid her hand from the small of his back and placed it on his bum, pulling him onto her, her leg teasing insistently between his. He didn’t pull away and she felt the hardness of his erection straining for contact with her sinuously moving body. She rocked her hips, each gyration a torment to the swollen cock that pulsed with desire.

As the last notes of the song faded away, Maggie held her breath, hoping, praying for another slow number. If the band changed tempo again she and Graeme would have to pull awkwardly apart, embarrassed and unfulfilled. For agonizing seconds they stood locked together, neither daring to move, hearts pounding and trembling with suspense.

At last, at long last! The eternity of waiting ended as the band eased into Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?” Thank God!!

Slowly they began moving again, their bodies responding to the rhythm of the song. Maggie steered them to the corner of the room furthest from where her husband sat drinking, her body intensely alive and shamefully needy. She took hold of Graeme’s wrist and moved his hand from her waist to the provocative swell of her glorious bottom. She felt him stiffen in hesitation and felt his hot breath in her ear, “Your husband?”, his voice was an urgent whisper.

“He can’t see us” she reassured him and instantly felt the young man relax and then take firmer possession of her left cheek, his hand sliding over the full swell of her arse and gripping tightly along the crease where it ended and her leg began. The pressure of his hand drew her onto him and Maggie again felt the thick bulge of his rigid cock. Shamelessly, wantonly she humped his leg, the slinky fabric of her dress no barrier to the heat from her sex as she ground against his thigh. His hand was now swarming all over her bottom, continually stroking and caressing, sliding from side to side then up and down. She was aware that her pussy was leaking copiously and the urgent tingling between her thighs was getting harder and harder to ignore.

“This way”, she gasped, almost dragging him out the doorway and into the dimly lit corridor. There was a knot of people to the left of the doorway but Maggie headed right and prayed they’d not been observed as she pushed open the door of a Disabled Toilet and pulled Graeme inside. Although none of the guests had witnessed their hasty entry, a thin smile crossed the lips of the champagne waiter as he emerged from the shadows as the toilet door closed behind them.

Safely inside, Maggie stood with her back against the locked door and flung her arms round Graeme’s neck and dragged him towards her parted lips.

“Kiss me!” she demanded"Oh God, kiss me. I want you. I need you. Oh God!“ His need was equal to her own and their lipse  locked in a frenzied, passionate collision. Her probing tongue pushed into his open mouth, caught his tongue and began a writhing, slurping dance as each fought for possession of the other. The weight of his body was pinning her to the door, forcing the breath from her body. She managed to slip her hand between herself and him and her fingers closed over the swollen, stabbing cock that was threatening to bore through his trousers in his desire to get at her. He groaned as her hand stroked down his length, skilful fingers gliding up and down his erection, making him pulse violently as she squeezed his thickness appreciatively. His hand fell to the softness of her full breast, braless in the flimsy silk of her backless dress. His thumb brushed over her swollen nipple, painfully erect in her state of arousal. Maggie gave a long, low moan as he pinched and flicked the sensitive bud and her fingers tightened their grip on his shaft

"Is this for me?” she gave him another squeeze, “Are you going to fuck me with this thing?!” Graeme’s only reply was to scrabble with his belt in a frenzy of sexual excitement. He kicked himself free of his shoes and tore off his trousers, his body shaking with the urgency of his need. His fat cock bobbed and strained against his boxers and Maggie’s hand was drawn back to it. Her nimble fingers stroked and caressed his full length, moving up and down the thick shaft, rubbing and squeezing the swollen head and again sliding down to the base. She noticed the wet spot spreading over the cotton covering his tip and felt the reciprocal leaking from her needy pussy. She eased the Best Man’s turgid cock from his shorts and traced a painted fingernail along the throbbing vein. She was rewarded with a  groan of ecstasy and more pre-cum seeped from his hole.

“Over here” she instructed and without letting go of his cock swung him round to face the double wash basin, “You can fuck me here.” With that she released her grip on his cock and lifted the hem of her dress up over her bottom, exposing the skimpy panties that were stretched tight over the twin hemispheres of her delectable bottom. Graeme’s cock jumped in appreciation at his first view of her wonderful arse and he moved closer to rub himself against her cleft, the silky material of her panties increasing the stimulation of his throbbing erection.  Feeling the heat and hardness pressing against her, Maggie gave an involuntary gasp, “Take them off for me. Take my panties off and let me have that lovely, big cock.” With shaking hands he slid them down her legs and while she stepped daintily out of them he tore off his boxers. Supporting herself with one hand on the wash basin surround she pushed back towards him and with her free hand guided his rampant tool between her legs. Her leaking pussy had coated her entrance and she rubbed his cock along her soaking slit. She couldn’t remember ever having been so wet; she pressed the engorged head of his cock against her opening and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction as she felt him push inside. His hands clasped her waist and he forced himself deep inside her, her slick walls expanding to accommodate his girth. He withdrew almost completely before again driving his full length hard into her. This was what she wanted, what she needed, a good, hard fucking.

“Oh yes, oh God yes. Fuck me. Harder. Don’t stop. Fuck me!” Her hips thrashed as he pounded into her, her cunt muscles sucking him in deeper and deeper. Each stabbing stroke from his cock was met by a backward thrust of her hips which caused her bottom to grind against him.

“You’re amazing!” he blurted, “Your arse … your pussy…”

“Do you like my pussy?” she teased, “Do you like fucking my pussy?Is it good for you, baby? You make me so wet, so hot, so horny!”

Spurred on by her words, Graeme redoubled his assault on her willing pussy, his cock ploughing into her vaginal canal and his balls slapping rhythmically against her crotch. He reached a hand around her and grabbed her right breast, the filmy silk of her dress still clinging seductively to its sloping contours. The hard nub of her erect nipple strained against the fabric and Graeme rolled it between his thumb and forefinger before pushing her dress down and taking the soft flesh of her breast into his hand.

“Look at us” she moaned, “Look at us fucking.” His eyes met hers in the mirror and despite the incongruous surroundings the eroticism of the tableau made his blood race. Her dark eyes glittered, a flush of colour suffused her face and spread down her throat and over her breasts, one fully exposed and the other all but escaping the shred of silk that still clung to its glowing curve. The crumpled dress was bunched at her waist, below which her naked bottom jutted lewdly towards him, allowing only brief glimpses of his cock as it drove in and out of her delicious cunt.

“You’re so sexy, Maggie, you’re driving me crazy.”

“We’re sexy” she corrected him “Your cock feels so good inside me. Give it to me … harder … fuck the arse off me!”

He felt her pussy clenching round his rigid shaft and the heat of her sex made the sensitive head of his cock tingle with each stroke as he slammed into her. His hands roamed over her body, returning to her succulent breast, squeezing and mashing it as feverish desire surged through him. She sensed the imminence of his approaching climax and rocked her hips in urgent, rapid movements, drawing him ever deeper into her. He felt the churning in his balls and the heightened sensitivity in his swollen cock head and knew he couldn’t hold back the tide.

“I’m cumming! Oh fuck I’m cumming! Fuck …. oh fuck …oh fuck!”

“No!” she wailed, “Not yet! Not yet!” But even as she said it she knew he was past the point of no return. His body tensed, shuddered and his seething balls fired spurt after spurt of thick cum boiling into her.

Desperate to achieve her own climax, Maggie writhed against his spasming cock, her hand reaching between her legs to rub frantically at her aching clit. Her sweating, panting body bucked and thrashed wildly, craving release. Graeme gritted his teeth as her gyrations ravaged his tender prick.

“Smack it!” Maggie bawled as his hand roamed over her bottom, “Spank it! Spank my arse!”

His hand descended with a heavy thud that made her cheek judder.“Harder …. harder!” Another swat, then another cracked against the firm flesh and as the heat flared through her she howled her release, great shaking sobs wracking her body as the violence of the orgasm tore at her insides. Her pounding heart threatened to burst out of her chest and she gasped for breath,Her senses reeling with the intensity of her climax. Sweat glistened on her heaving chest and her limbs trembled. As Graeme’s softening cock slipped from her molten cunt, she fought to regain her equilibrium.

When she did finally turn to face him she noticed the sheepish expression on his face as he buckled up his trousers. For the first time since they had started to dance she was aware of the age difference between them. She reached for his face and drew him towards her, kissing him tenderly on the lips. “Go, before they miss you” she said softly and with a mixture of regret and relief the young man slipped out the door.

Maggie took her time cleaning up and making herself presentable. When she retrieved her discarded panties she gave a rueful smile at the messy wetness that stained them, a soggy reminder of her wanton seduction of the Best Man at her daughter’s wedding. With a final glance at the mirror she strode to the door. As it opened towards her, she found herself looking straight into the smirking face of the young champagne waiter who stood on the threshold,barring her exit .