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Short Story

Right off the bat I want to make it perfectly clear I don’t need any of those “tall jokes”.  Just because I am a female and slightly over 6 foot 6 inches doesn’t make me a freak of nature.  I weight a very lean 158 pounds on my long frame and my ass and boobs are actually not smallish.  It is just that they look a little small on my extra tall body.  I have to admit my feet are quite large and it is difficult to hide that fact with the revealing shoes that all females favor these days.

My mom is only 5 foot 2 inches and she told me my birth father was a very tall boy from somewhere in California.  Unfortunately, he left for a job in Australia and never returned home about the time that I was only about 3 years old.  My stepfather is only a couple of inches taller than my mom so people tend to look at them and look at me like I was some kind of alien invader trying to pass for a normal human being.

I was really fortunate to have a metabolism that converted the huge amounts of food I ate each day into pure energy.  I was a very successful long-distance runner and excelled at swimming because of my extra-long arms and legs.

I had to have my bras custom fitted because chest was out of proportion to my breast size but it was an advantage to me when I was swimming or running.  My ass was actually petite in perspective to the rest of my body and from the rear, when I had my hair cut short; it was difficult to distinguish if I was a boy or a girl.  All of that was quite manageable if it were not for the fact that my female equipment was super-sized requiring man sized jockey shorts instead of female panties.

My doctor told me that my vagina was perfectly normal except for the fact that the distance from my vaginal entrance to my cervix was almost 4 inches deeper than an average sized woman.  It would mean that in order to experience vaginal satisfaction and orgasm in that area, I would need a cock at least 12 inches long.  He also told me that cocks of that magnitude would be found in only about one percent of the male population.  It didn’t take a mental genius to figure out I would only be able to get off with only 1 out of a 100 males interested in sticking their cocks in my pussy.  The odds were definitely not in my favor.

When I was on the swim team in college, I experimented with most of the male swimmers and I could not find a single 12 inch cock in the total complement of 38 male swimmers.  I had a lot of fun and I know they did as well but it was pretty much frustrating in the long run.

I thought of advertising for extra-long cocks, but it just did not seem ladylike or very sporting to bypass the random nature of normal relationships.

Then, I hit on the ideal solution.  I would simply offer my services to the local massage parlor at reduced rates in order to cull out the inadequate cocks from my list of prospective copulation partners.  After about six months of interesting sessions, I was able to discover 9 candidates from a pool of over 450 assorted cocks of all sizes, shapes and colors.  Because I was a very attractive female despite my disconcerting height, all 9 of the males gave me the particulars of their addresses and home and work numbers.  7 of the 9 candidates were still single, but fortunately both of the married males were just as keen as the bachelors to get busy experimenting with my orgasm deprived pussy.  In order to cement our future relationships, I sucked each of the 12 inch cock males with my skilled mouth draining them of their creamy loads of cum.

All nine of the subjects were eager to pursue the project as soon as possible.

At 22 years of age, I had jerked off a couple of hundred cocks, sucked at least 75 and had even been ass-fucked by a gentleman who had mistaken me for a tall boy and shoved his cock up my rear-end in a darkened train halted by an electrical fault in one of those silly Italian tunnels.  I could have easily stopped him, but actually his cock was nice and thick and I liked the way it was stretching my tight puckered rim.  It was really quite funny with the Italian gentleman because I had to stoop down a bit for him to cram his cock up my cringing brown eye.  He was so insistent that I just did not have the meanness of spirit to let him know I was not the tall young boy he thought he was buggering in the dark.  I remember when he pulled out of my dripping bottom; he told me my skin was softer than a young girl’s.  I didn’t turn around but just whispered my thanks for his kind attention in the deepest voice I could muster.

My poor neglected pussy had been subjected to about a half dozen unsatisfying student lovers and most of the male swim team with frustrating inadequacy.

Now that I was fortified with 9 possible candidates to “bottom out” inside my cavernous pussy, I was looking forward to a summer of memorable fuck sessions every weekend.

My first partner from the massage school 12 inchers was one of the married men.  He was married to a female judge who insisted he give it to her with her judicial robes draped over her magnificent bottom.  They had no children because she had no time for them.  Peter confided in me that she always complained about the size of his cock telling him he should not push it “all the way inside”.

The very first time Peter shoved his beautiful cock inside my vagina, I had the most wonderful orgasm.  I told him not to worry about condoms because I really did want to have a baby while I was still young and nubile.  The splash of his cum up against my battered cervix was absolutely glorious.  We did it two more times that night and each time was better than the last.  I was in seventh heaven because all I could think was that I might have this wonderful experience with 8 more candidates in the next 8 weeks.

The second 12 incher was a sort of dodgy character from somewhere “up north” who was extremely proud of his impressive cock.  He had this habit of waving it about like it was a conquering army taking captured territory.  He insisted that I suck him first even though I wanted to get right down to business.  In all honesty, sucking 12 inch cocks is not very easy.  I spent most of the time gagging and having my hair pulled like I was in the middle of a cat-fight with a bunch of girls.  After a long boring spell on my knees, Roger finally pushed me down on the bed and told me to “open up”.  I was only too happy to oblige.

Besides being 12 inches long, Roger’s cock was really thick and he took great pleasure in shoving it up into my vagina giving me no pause to accommodate its unusual size.  It was uncomfortable at first, but soon I warmed up to it and enjoyed the way he slammed my ass down on the bed each time he bottomed out inside me.  I wanted to shout out things like “Make me take it!” or “Go deeper!” but I was raised to accept what the man wanted me to do for him.  My only aggressive action was to slyly slip one of my fingers into Roger’s ass.  Surprisingly, he just groaned and pushed his ass up higher for more of the same so I accommodated him with a sense of retribution for his plundering of my battered pussy.  The flood of Roger’s cum was quite nice and I reacted with a lovely orgasm.  I tried my best to keep his cum inside my vagina all night but the next morning the puddle was sitting on top of my 600 thread sheets.

The very next 12 inch cock candidate was only 19 years old and had little experience in fitting it inside his female acquaintances.  Most of them just laughed when they saw it and said things like, “you got to be kidding me!”

Terry told me that he had done it several times “doggy style” with older women who seemed to get very excited with his unusual size.  He was happy to have that sort of opportunity but he confided to me that the older women he dipped his cock into were noticeably looser and didn’t have the sort of tightness that made him feel so good and allowed him to shoot his load in a reasonable amount of time.

As soon as he felt the tightness of my pussy, Terry exclaimed,

“Hot Damm!  That is one tight pussy!”

For the next 30 minutes, there was absolutely no conversation.  Terry grunted in pleasure each time his cock touched my cervix and I could only whimper my appreciation for his spirited efforts.  After 2 rather nice orgasms, he loosed his load of creamy cum deep inside and shouted like he had just made a 3 pointer.

Terry’s cock was so thick and had stretched me so much, that I was walking bow-legged for the next two days and I saw some of the girls I worked with giving me knowing looks that said it all.  

In fact, I was only about one third of the way through my pool of 9 candidates with 12 inch cocks and I had one very worn-out pussy.  Still, I was determined to sample all of the candidates no matter how tiring it would be.

The very last 12 inch male was reached six weekends later and I had reached a point where I was kind of missing getting some ordinary 6 inch cocks even if they failed to get me off as well as the super-sized ones.  I did find that I loved wrapping my legs around the 12 inch guys because the result was always a nice orgasm as a reward.  The last 12 incher was a 40 year old balding bartender with a love of poetry.  His name was Danny and he was originally from Ireland.  Before we started to get seriously down to business, he told me that he was a little worried about the experiment because he was really more interested in boys than in girls.  I was amazed because when I sucked him off in the massage school, he had shot a wad of cum that hit the back of my throat like a high-pressure fire-hose.

He admitted that the entire time he was looking at my bottom and pretending I was a boy taking care of his cock.  It was sort of an ego buster, but Danny was an extremely attractive man and I was determined to sample the ability of his cock to make me feel good.

I talked him into a nice suck off and got on my knees looking up into his steel grey eyes.  The little curly hairs around the base of his shaft tickled my nose and I was tempted to sneeze but I restrained myself and moved my head from side to side and let his cock push into the insides of my soft cheeks.  The constant seepage of his pre-cum showed me he was enjoying it quite a bit even if I was not the desired boy of his dreams.  We did not go all the way to a cum draining finale because I still wanted his cock in my pussy.

Danny was enthusiastic about a nice ass-pounding exercise providing I wore pants and jockey shorts pulled off to the side exposing only my pulsating brown eye. I knew I looked enough like a boy from that angle because of the previous encounter on the Italian train.  Danny slid his 12 inch cock into my pucker hole with a gentle pressure that made me unaware he was buried deep inside until I felt his balls swinging hard against my covered pussy slit.  It was the first real anal orgasm that I had ever felt and I am certain it was the size of his cock that made me experience it.  He had still not shot his load so I slyly grabbed hold of his cock the next time it slipped out of my brown eye and placed it against the rear of my pussy.  He was inside and pumping without noticing my adjustment of the target.  I milked him with my vaginal muscles and soon had him shooting a very satisfactory load deep inside my vagina.  Even from behind, he was able to bang right into my cervix in a way that made me experience a series of fantastic orgasms.

I didn’t explain to Danny that he had just given it to me in the pussy in such a satisfactory manner.  I was afraid he might be turned off by my little trick to get his cock inside me like that.

The smile on Danny’s face told me that he would be back for more of the same.

I was so happy with each of my nine 12 inchers that I was loathe to cull any of them from my weekend rotations.  Perhaps it would take several iterations of the entire pack to determine which one pleased me the most.

In any event, it promised to be an interesting project.


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Short Story

To begin, perhaps a brief recap of my life in recent times might be helpful.

After years of dressing alone I had finally been brave enough to meet John, a lovely mature admirer of CD/TVs like me. Our first meeting had almost inevitably led to me losing my T-girl virginity in a long afternoon and evening of dominant (by him) passion.  Our relationship rapidly developed into me becoming his part time “wife”, looking after all his manly needs at least twice a week.

Our relationship had moved onto a new plateau when he introduced me to his long time friend, Rob. He was a man tied into a deeply unsatisfying marriage, where sex had long ago become a thing of fading memory. John had decided that one of my duties should be to give Rob what he had been missing for so long. So, after arranging a dinner party where I was starter, main course and dessert, my new role was to be Rob’s regular whore, so he could relieve himself of years of frustration.

So that brings me to where I am today. Over the months I have become almost a full time “wife” to John, spending most of my time at his house, dressed and available to him at all times. I have even reached the stage where I answer the door to the postman or to receive deliveries for John – he does seem to take pleasure in ordering things that require me to answer the door to strangers! And for Rob, I seem to have become his weekly source of pleasure, where he can use every part of me to forget his frigid wife – he doesn’t even wait for John to be home now, just arriving when he feels the need to bury his cock in my willing mouth or my, by now, well-used love tunnel. 

I was happy with these arrangements – I could dress as much as I wanted, had two lovely but dominant men who both wanted me and loved me in their own peculiar ways, and had a sex life of which most girls (of either gender) would be envious . But now I learned that I was about to be taken to a new level of degradation and humiliation – one that my two lovers had planned for weeks!  

My new surprise

For many years John and Rob had both been members of a small, private men’s club that meets regularly in a large country house owned by one of the members, a retired city businessman who had made his fortune in property and was now enjoying the benefits. Every month they had a dinner party at the mansion at which no women were allowed – “it’s a boys only thing” said John.

So you can imagine my surprise when one evening, as John was fucking my girly hole and Rob was enjoying the warmth of my mouth, John suddenly announced that I was to accompany them to the next dinner. “You will be the star of the evening” said John, as I made a questioning mumble, my mouth full with Rob’s hard manhood preventing anything more coherent.

Over the rest of the evening it was explained to me that I was to attend the dinner with them but, once there, my role was to be waitress/maid/barmaid for the evening and to look after the needs of the men who would be there. After my past experience when John has talked about “looking after needs” I had a suspicion the evening was not going to be without incident!

Come the day and my two men both paid a lot of attention to me. They both helped me apply my hair removal cream and shave those bits where cream shouldn’t go; then they showered me; and afterwards applied my various moisturising creams to my whole body. They only stopped once when the application of moisturising gel to my pert bum became too much for both of them, and for a few minutes I was bent over the bed and remorselessly fucked by each of them in turn. As soon as they were both satisfied they carried on with pampering me and helping me to dress as if nothing untoward had just happened.

They had chosen my outfit for me naturally. Firstly a little lacy half cup bra, with a matching thong that only just held my girly clitty in place, and a gorgeous six strap, deep cut suspender belt that perfectly framed my ass, with the T of my thong nicely nestled between my cheeks. Black silk stockings and high stilettos finished the first stage of dressing.

Next a very tight, short black dress was squeezed into and John slowly pulled the zip up the back, fondling my ass cheeks as he did so. Finally a little white lace apron was tied around my waist and a small maid’s cap fixed to my head. “Perfect” said Rob as he grabbed my breast and gave me a loving kiss on the lips.

“Oh, one last thing before we leave” said John. “Bend over that chair, pull your dress up and your thong aside and spread your ass for me.” I assumed this was to be one more fuck before we left, but much to my surprise it wasn’t a hard cock that penetrated me but the hard nozzle of a plastic tube. “Just a bit of lube,” said Rob “just in case there is no time later!” 

Off to serve

With that, I was led out of the house and helped into Rob’s car, the cool feeling of the lube inside me giving me a strange sense of foreboding as I slid onto the leather seat. But now it was too late to back out and off we went to whatever fate had in store for me.

After just ten minutes we turned into the gates of a large Victorian mansion house, and pulled to a halt outside an imposing front door. Already a number of cars were parked on the gravel drive, suggesting we were not the first to arrive.

John helped me from the car, straightened my skirt and apron for me, adjusted my cap and then smacked me on the bottom and said in a firm voice, ”Right in you go - time to start work. You have a bunch of hungry men to attend to!” The way he said “hungry” did nothing for my nerves!

We walked into the house and through to a large room with comfortable chairs and sofas, a small bar in the corner and a large table laid up for dinner. And eight men were standing there looking at me, as John and Rob ushered me in to their presence, lust on every face it seemed. 

“This is the help for the evening” announced a large florid faced man, coming towards me with a leer on his face. “As you all know this is a men-only evening, but John and Rob have very kindly offered us their plaything to provide some feminine company for us – without breaking our men only rule!”   

This statement was met with raucous laughter and a number of humiliating comments about me to Rob and John – clearly my part in their lives was no secret to the men attending this dinner! I could see what the likely outcome was going to be, even before the red faced host smacked me on my ass and pushed me towards the bar to start serving champagne.

Waitress service

Within minutes I found myself standing surrounded by a group of ten middle aged or elderly men, ranging in age from 45 to nearly 80, with my hands full with a tray of champagne. It seemed the first hand groped my bum within seconds of me arriving with the drinks, and from then on there was an almost continuous fondling of my ass and legs.

After a while I found myself standing next to a comfortable armchair in which sat the oldest member of the group, a sprightly old man with a very lecherous smile on his face. Suddenly I felt his hand sliding up my leg until it found the bare flesh above my stockings. After stroking my thigh for a second or two his hand continued its ascent until he was caressing the cheeks of my ass, alternately squeezing, pinching and stroking. With his other hand he then started to push my legs apart so I was standing with my feet spread and his first hand now reaching between my thighs to fondle my T-girl clitty.

The next thing I realised he was grabbing the hem of my dress and pushing it up to my waist so my legs, stockings and suspenders and my little thong were all exposed to the gaze of the leering gang of men. But that was not enough for him, with one tug my thong was down to my knees and his hands were back to my ass, spreading my cheeks and in practically one movement sinking his digit into my exposed anus!

“Oh well done John,” he cried, “The girl is already lubed up!”  “Don’t worry” replied John, “we have brought plenty more with us.”

 For the next 10 minutes I was groped and fingered by each of the men in turn, my dress pushed higher up my waist with each manhandling. Eventually John pulled me to him, kissed me full on the lips (so nice!) Then he turned me round, undid my apron and unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. “Let’s take that expensive dress off before you soil it” he said. As I stood there in my undies, apart from my thong which was long gone, he re-tied my apron around my waist.

“Right girl. On your knees!” John ordered, and obediently I sank to the floor, naked from the waist down apart from my little apron and my stockings. The men gathered round and I could feel the nervous tension as they waited for the florid faced leader of the group to take his rightful place at the front of the queue.

He stood before me, opened his zip and pulled out an enormous rigid cock (which raised a round of admiring applause from his cronies) which, without any preliminaries, he forced into my mouth and drove it hard to the back of my throat, making me almost gag from the size and brutality of his attack on my mouth.     

After what seemed an eternity, he withdrew his rock hard rod from between my already chafed lips and stepped aside, letting the next man take his place in my mouth. And so it continued until John and Rob had also taken their pleasure in my gaping mouth. Then I was unceremoniously dragged across the floor on my knees to the waiting old man in his armchair. By now I was beyond caring and so willingly dipped my head into his lap. I took his surprisingly beautiful and very hard cock between my lips and for the first time that night gave a man the full benefit of my oral skills – for which I earned a round of applause and a very hard smack on my naked butt.                        

Dinner is served

I may have had my first course of chunky meat, but now it was time for the gentlemen, if that is what I should call them, to have their own dinner. A buffet had been set for them, and as they helped themselves to the food, I was ordered to resume my wine waitress duties. As I passed around the table, leaning over to fill glasses, I was almost continuously subjected to prodding fingers sliding into my now stretched anus and hands grabbing and tugging my erect girly clitty, so my little apron stood out before me like a small tent.

Finally, as they started their desserts, John spoke up and said “On the floor girl and get under the table – there are some big cocks down here waiting to be attended to – get that mouth to work again!”

So once again I sank to my knees, crawled under the table and found myself confronted with ten pairs of legs, each with pants around their ankles. Ten rigid members were standing to attention waiting for me to lick and suck my way around the table. As I moved from one rigid cock to the next, holding and pumping one in each hand while I sucked the one in front of me, hands still explored my ass and love tunnel, even taking the opportunity to push more lube deep into me.

At last dinner was finished and now I was to discover what the after dinner entertainment was going to be - me!    

Used and abused

Without any apparent discussion, the table was rapidly cleared of the debris of the meal. Then, each of the men stripped off his clothes so I was confronted by ten naked men, each with a large and very ready cock aimed at me. Strong hands then gripped me by my arms and legs, and bodily swung me onto the table so I was laying on my back with my legs and bum hanging over the edge. Once more strong hands grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up and apart so that my vulnerable ass hole was completely exposed to every man’s lustful gaze.

Once more the head man took pole position, standing between my spread legs and pressing the head of his big cock against my lube-dripping sex hole. Much to my shame, I could feel myself pushing back against the big purple crown, wanting him to drive it into me and fuck me – and as he did so, with one powerful thrust of his hips that nearly split me in two, I cried out, a mix of humiliation and joy, “Oh, god yes – fuck me please!”   

He drove into me with power and uncaring brutality, fucking me like I had never been fucked before – two men holding my legs spread and bent up to my chest while he smashed his balls against my ass and screwed his rod deeper and deeper into me. I felt his cock become even more rigid, the head seeming to grow bigger still, and then, with a roar of relief and lust he spurted his load deep into my aching man cunt, seeming to fill me to my anal ring with his glorious cum.

Now the leader was sated, the fun began in earnest for the others. Suddenly I found myself with another man buried up to his belly in my t-girl cunt, two more cocks being pushed alternately into my gasping mouth, and two more in each of my hands. To complete my humiliation, or was it lust, another man leaned over me and took my own erect clitty into his mouth and began to suck my own juices from me. Six different men using me all at the same time – not including the two men holding my legs apart – something that in my most erotic dreams I had never imagined or expected.

Now the merry go round started. Each man in turn taking his place between my  spread thighs, driving his cock deep into my now gaping hole, a mix of lube and male cum oozing out with each push in and pull back of a rampant tool. My mouth was constantly filled with solid male meat, my hands feebly trying to wank more male weapons, and my own clitty wet from the attentions of yet another male mouth.

My lovely old man

As the evening began to reach its conclusion, and by now I was in a semi-comatose state of ecstasy and shame, all the men had come in my poor, over-used ass, except for the old man who had been the first to insert his digit into my willing ass. It felt like that was a lifetime ago but was really only a few hours.        

As I lay there, free of all other hands for the first time since they had dumped me on the table, he moved between my legs. They hung limply over the edge, spread of their own volition, and with a stream of male juices trickling from my open ass hole. Gently lifting my legs by my ankles, he raised them up so my feet were on his shoulders, slid his big elderly cock slowly into me and leaned forward to give me the most beautiful kiss as his manhood sunk fully into me and began a smooth but powerful pistoning of my rectum. He stood back up straight, still sliding in and almost completely out again as far as my anal ring would permit and, as he fucked me, he took my girly clit in his hand and began to pump it in rhythm  with his own thrusts.

It was the most wonderful feeling. My ass had been fucked so hard and for so long by so many cocks that I am sure he could hardly feel it as he slipped in and out of the cavern-like hole the others had created. But he kept up his lovely pumping of my anal passage and wanking of my own rigid clitty, until, suddenly, I felt him tensing, his thrusts becoming more urgent, and I knew the moment had arrived.

With one final thrust deep into me he exploded and what felt like years of accumulated sperm erupted in my bowels. At the same time I cried out with relief as my own juices spouted forth and splattered on my bra and garter belt, and dribbled down onto his lovely old fingers as they stroked me till I was empty.

As his now flaccid, aging tool slipped from me, Rob stepped in with his phone camera and took several close-up shots of my still wide open hole, a steady flow of cum sliding out of it and down the crease of my ass onto the table.    

As I was pulled off the table, and almost physically carried by John and Rob from the house to the car, each member of the exclusive private house party lifted my hanging head, kissed me sweetly on my lips and tucked a fifty pound note in my bra.

Not only had I been set up as the evening entertainment for these lucky men, I had been pimped to them and had become a whore for their enjoyment, This probably means they will want me back again in the not too distant future. How can I say no when I have taken their money and their cum!

 My lovers helped me into the car, still only wearing bra, garter belt, very laddered stockings and heels; my little apron, maid’s cap and expensive dress, were all folded into a bag that was thrown in with me.

The final degradation

As we arrived home I was slumped across the back seat, my legs spread and cum still dripping out of me. The sight was too much for both of them – in turn they climbed on top of me, as the car sat on the drive in full view of any watching neighbours or passing late night dog walker, and gave me one last fucking to add the final humiliation to my night.

Oh, I just can’t wait to be invited back so I can be gang bang fodder once again. I am their willing t-girl whore, happily looking after every need and degrading demand that my mature gentlemen make of me! It just takes ages for my gaping t-girl love tunnel to get back to normal, but that isn’t helped by John and Rob having their daily use of everything I have to offer!!


Jacquie’s Ultimate Fantasy 114577473619

Short Story

Ruth and I met in school, and neither of us really had any other serious relationships.  There was never any question that we would get married, and we did so right after graduation.  We settled into middle class English suburban life and we were happy enough, in our way.  We had sex most Saturdays, and it was very nice, though nothing like the movies.  Ruth always liked her romance novels, and I would sometimes look at the strapping shirtless men on the covers and wonder, but, well, it was something we just didn’t talk about. 

When cancer took Ruth much too young, I figured that was it for me.  Bachelorhood for me from here on out.  I mean, I suppose I’m nice enough looking, but nothing to write home about.  I have a decent job, and own my modest home, but they’ll never invite me to be on “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?”

And then I met Jacquie.  She was a client.  I would stop by their office every week or so to drop off paperwork, and she was always very friendly.  But I figured she was just that sort.  Not about me at all, really.  Jacquie had a lovely smile, a lush figure, and masses of wavy brown hair.  If I had been the type to fantasize, she would have been a featured player, but obviously nothing was ever going to happen.  And then, about a year after Ruth passed, Jacquie invited me out for a drink, and I said yes.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We hit it off immediately.  I had never met someone so easy to talk to.  Despite my natural reticence, my whole story came pouring out.  Ruth, our life together, how devastated I was to lose her, my loneliness since.  To my shock, we ended up in bed that night, and that’s when the real revelations began.

Jacquie was an absolute tigress in bed.  She liked everything, and liked it all multiple times, at any time of day or night and just about anywhere.  I had the first blowjob in my life while driving us to dinner.  I almost crashed into a bus stop.  It was a little intimidating.   Sex with Ruth was always the missionary position, usually with at least some clothing on, and always over fairly quickly.  Jacquie could go on for hours.  I worried that I was too inexperienced for her, but she loved showing me new things.  She took it as a personal challenge to see how quickly she could get me hard again after an orgasm, and over time, I did get better – at a lot of things.

The blowjob wasn’t the only time Jacquie surprised me in public.  She loved being provocative.  “Accidentally” letting her blouse fall open to titillate a waiter.  Bending over to pick up a dropped item so that her skirt rode up, giving passersby a view of her thong.  Ruth had always worn utilitarian undergarments, but for Jacquie, the sexier the better.  She loved to take me shopping with her, and pull open the dressing room curtain to model her bra or corset.  She was thrilled when I would get hard in public and would contrive all sorts of reasons to rub up against it.  It was not at all unusual when we were driving somewhere for her to unzip me and play with my cock all the way to our destination.  She had me in a state of extreme arousal almost non-stop. 

You might think this would all blow over after a while, but after Jacquie and I married and the years ticked by, the heat only increased.  It was a rare day we didn’t make love at least once.  I learned positions and techniques I had never even heard of.  The best part was the fantasies.  Nothing was out of bounds for Jacquie.  Every time she saw a man – or a woman! – she found attractive, she would tell me everything she would like to do with them.  It took a while before I was comfortable joining in, but with Jacquie’s encouragement I learned to let my fantasies run wild.  If a good-looking deliveryman came to the door, we might spend an hour talking about all the ways Jacquie wanted to fuck him, usually while I was deep inside her.  When our neighbor’s teenage daughter came home for a visit from college, we would spin wild fantasies of inviting her over and seducing her.  Jacquie loved to imagine slowly undressing her, sucking her nipples and licking her busy, and then bending her over for me to fuck from behind.  She insisted that I pretend she was the neighbor girl.  “Call me Jenny!” she’d say.  “Tell me how much you want to fuck me!”  Then she would bend over and I would fuck her hard from behind, calling her Jenny and telling her how much I loved her ass and her tits and what a great fuck she was.  We would both have tremendous orgasms.  It was wild and liberating and I never got over how lucky I was to find this incredible woman.    

I did worry, though.  Jacquie had a huge appetite for sex, and fantasized about orgies with multiple partners, men and women, sex with strangers, all kinds of things.  I couldn’t help wondering how long she would be happy with just me.  As her next birthday approached, I resolved to do something really special to show her how much she meant to me.

In the nearby city there was a swingers club that was discreet but still fairly well known.  They met once a month at a hotel, and Jacquie and I had often fantasized about joining them, though I was sure we would never act on it.  I girded my shy English loins, and making an excuse about business in the city, I went there during their next meeting. 

I really didn’t know what to expect.  There was a small sign in the lobby welcoming the group, with  mention of a reception in a certain lounge, but that was a little too direct for me.  Instead I found my way to the bar and ordered a drink while I plotted my next move.  In the end, it was easy.  A nice couple sat near me at the bar and bought me a drink.  They invited me to join them upstairs, but I flusteringly declined and managed to tell them why I was there.  They were quite nice and intrigued, and soon invited over more of their friends to hear about Jacquie and my ideas for her birthday.  In no time at all things were settled.  I couldn’t help marveling at how easy it all was, and berated myself for waiting so long.

As Jacquie’s birthday approached, I sent some emails and made a few calls to finalize things, and when the day arrived, all was in place.

That morning, I kissed her awake, and when she opened her eyes and smiled, I wished her a happy birthday.  Over breakfast, I told her that I had something special in mind for the day, beginning with some shopping.  That brought a big smile.  Jacquie loved to shop.  On the way to the mall, she unzipped me and began stroking my cock as she often did.  I was no longer in danger of crashing the car, but it did make it hard to think straight.  Still, I managed to tell her that I wanted this day to be really special.  I told Jacquie that anything she wanted to do today was ok.  No rules, no taboos.  If it made her happy, I was all for it.  Her grin got bigger.

“Are you sure?” she asked.  “Anything?”  I nodded.

“Anything at all,” I said.

“Well,” she replied, looking wicked.  “This should be interesting.”

I had come so far during our time together that Jacquie was not at all surprised when I took her to her favorite lingerie boutique to shop.   She spent quite a bit of time trying on different exotic underthings, each more alluring than the last.  I encouraged  her to buy something that made her feel really sexy.

“Well, aren’t you the devil?” she exclaimed.  “Whatever happened to my shy little English boy?” She pulled me into the dressing room, and wearing only a pair of lace panties, crushed me into a passionate kiss.  I was hard instantly, which she was quick to spot.  Grabbing me through my trousers, she said “Better save that.  I have big plans for it later.”

Jacquie settled on a black lace teddy that looked incredible on her, and with my encouragement, wore it out of the store under her dress.  We had a light lunch at a tea shop at the mall, and she kept flashing me looks down her top and up her skirt, enjoying my obvious arousal. 

“Just wait until I get you home,” she said.

As we pulled into the driveway, there was a van at the curb.  A young woman jumped out and approached us, looking at a slip of paper.

“Are you Martin and Jacquie?” she asked.  We acknowledged that we were.

“I’m Emily, the masseuse!” she announced.  Jacquie looked surprised.

“Happy birthday!” I said. 

“A massage! What a treat” Jacquie exclaimed, and gave me a kiss.  “You sweet man!”

We invited Emily in, and found a place for her to set up her table.  I told them to go ahead and not mind me.  Emily asked  Jacquie to undress and lie face down on the table, and Jacquie quickly pulled off her dress revealing her new teddy.

“Wow!” Emily said.  Jacquie giggled.

“A birthday present,” she said.  “Isn’t it sexy?” 
“I’ll say!” said Emily. Jacquie slipped out of the teddy, looking even sexier wearing nothing at all.  Soon she was face down on the massage table, a sheet covering her lower half, while Emily kneaded her back muscles.  I busied myself in the kitchen, but I could hear Jacquie’s soft murmurs and moans of pleasure. 

I put on some soft music and poured myself a glass of wine.  After a while, I heard Emily ask Jacquie to roll over.  Soon, Jacquie’s sounds of pleasure seemed to be getting louder. I peaked in the other room, and she was on her back, the sheet down around her waist, covering her legs.  Emily was standing at Jacquie’s head, each hand kneading one of Jacquie’s full breasts.  Her nipples were hard and erect, and she was making gasping sounds of pleasure that I knew too well.  Just then the doorbell rang.  I rushed to answer it. 

An adorable young girl stood there in a skirt and smock, her arms full of flowers. 

“Hi there! Delivery for Jacquie!” she said with a perky smile.  I stepped back and opened the door wider, inviting her in. 

“Come on in.  Let’s find a place for those,” I said.  She followed me toward the kitchen, then slowed as we passed through the room where Jacquie was getting her massage.  Emily was still lavishing attention on Jacquie’s breasts, and she moaned non-stop.  Hearing the girl’s steps, she opened her eyes sleepily. 

“Flowers! For me?” she said.  “Oh Honey! Aren’t you sweet!”  She beckoned the girl closer.

“Let me have a smell,” she said.  The girl approached and bent down, her eyes locked on Jacquie’s erect nipples under Emily’s hands.  Jacquie took a deep breath and put one hand on the girl’s shoulder. 

“Oh dear, that’s lovely,” she said.  “What’s your name, dear?”

“Miranda,” the flower girl answered.  Jacquie moved her hand down Miranda’s blouse until it rested over Miranda’s breast, then gave a friendly squeeze. 

“Why don’t you stay for a while?” she suggested.  Miranda looked at me and I shrugged.  She turned back to Jacquie and nodded.

“OK,” she said. 

“Oh good,” Jacquie smiled.  “It’s my birthday.”

“Would you like to help?” Emily asked Miranda. 

“I better take those,” I said, relieving Miranda of her flowers and returning to the kitchen to find a vase.  When I came back, the sheet was on the floor.  Miranda had taken Emily’s place, standing at the head of the table and massaging Jacquie’s breasts.  Emily stood to one side, her hands kneading the inside of one thigh.  I could smell a familiar musky aroma rising from Jacquie’s nether regions.  She was no longer lying still, but was twisting and moaning under the ministrations of the two women.  As I watched, she reached up and pulled Miranda down to her, giving the girl a deep kiss.  Emily pushed Jacquie’s thighs apart and lowered her face to her pussy, giving her a long deep lick from bottom to top.  Jacquie interrupted her kiss to release a strangled howl of pleasure, then pulled Miranda back down with one hand while the other pressed against the back of Emily’s head, urging her on.  Emily began lapping at Jacquie’s pussy in earnest, and I saw Jacquie’s thighs moving in and out rhythmically.  Jacquie and Miranda had their tongues in each other’s mouths, while Miranda twisted Jacquie’s hard nipples in her fingers.  Then the doorbell rang again.

Didn’t seem like anyone else was going to get the door, so I answered it.  A brown-uniformed UPS driver stood there with a package under one arm.  Another birthday present.  I stepped back and invited him in.  
“Might as well join the party,” I said.  He walked in and saw the three women gyrating on the massage table.  Somehow Miranda had lost her clothes and she was straddling the table, her head thrown back and her eyes closed, Jacquie’s face buried in her pussy.  Emily was still eating Jacquie furiously, and I could tell from her movements and the squishy noises that her fingers were diving in and out of Jacquie’s sopping cunt.   The UPS driver got a huge grin on his face and an instant boner stretched his brown shorts into a tent. 

“Damn!” he exclaimed.  The girls paused at the sound and looked up.

“Oh thank god! A man!” Jacquie cried, and they all laughed.

“I think you better get over here,” Emily said.  The driver looked at me and I shrugged.  He moved toward the table, shucking his clothes as he went.

“HI! I’m Mark!” he said.

“Hi Mark,” Jacquie said.  “It’s my birthday.  Want to fuck?”  Mark’s grin got even bigger, and he moved between Jacquie’s legs.  She scooted won to the edge of the table and he bent her thighs back, positioned himself and plunged in.

“Oh my god!” Jacquie yelled.  “That feels so fucking good!”  Mark began pumping in and out of Jacquie’s dripping pussy, his tanned backside moving between her thighs and his hands holding her feet in the air.  Emily and Miranda moved to either side of Jacquie, alternately sucking her nipples and giving her deep wet kisses. 

“Oh my god! Oh fuck! Fuck yeah!” Jacquie began yelling, transported by the incredible sensations enveloping her body.

“Martin!” she cried. “Get the fuck over here!”  I moved to the table and she pulled me down into a warm, wet kiss.   

“Get out of those clothes,” she demanded, a wild look on her face.  “I want your dick now!”  I quickly shucked my clothes, my hard cock springing to attention.  Jacquie grabbed it and pulled it down to her face, wrapping her lips around it and sucking as the girls continued pleasuring her breasts and Mark fucked her for all he was worth.  Jacquie was making noises I had never heard from her before, wild animal noises of pleasure and abandon, sometimes pulling my cock out of her mouth so she could cry out or scream profanity. 

“Fuck yeah!  Fuck me! Fuck me!” she would scream, before pulling my dick back into her mouth and sucking hard. 

Mark gave a strangled cry as he erupted in to Jacquie’s pussy and she stopped sucking long enough to snarl at him.

“Fuck yeah!  Give me that cum!  Fill up my fucking pussy! Yeah!”  Mark slumped away in exhaustion and Jacquie gave one last suck on my dick before saying.  “Fuck me right now, you bastard.  Fuck me hard!”

I moved to the end of the table and took Mark’s place, my cock sliding easily into Jacquie’s dripping pussy.  I began sliding in and out and she pushed against me, urging me to go faster and harder.  I fucked her harder and faster than I ever had before.  Miranda bent over Jacquie, first her fingers and then her tongue finding Jacquie’s clit just above where my cock was pounding in and out.  Emily kept playing with Jacquie’s tits and sucking on her nipples.

“Oh fuck!” Jacquie cried.  “Fuck yeah!  OH FUUUUCCCKKK!!!” Her whole body bucked up from the table as a huge orgasm seized her.  Her eyes rolled back and her thighs squeezed me hard.  I released a giant jet of hot cum inside her, then another as I felt her pussy throbbing against my cock.  Jacquie spasmed and twisted on the table, her body shaking with an orgasm that just kept rolling through her.  Finally she began to calm down.  I slipped out of her, ribbons of cum rolling down her thighs from her overfilled pussy.  She lay there gasping while everyone else found something to lean against.  We all grinned at each other.

Suddenly there was a loud pounding at the door.

“Police! Open up!” I heard.  Oh shit!  Everyone looked around frantically.  Jacquie grabbed the sheet and tried to cover herself, while the others scrambled for clothing from the pile on the floor.

The pounding came again.  I pulled on my trousers  and went to the door.  Two uniformed officers stood there looking grim.

“We have a report of a disturbance, sir,” the older one said.  “Is this your residence?”  
“Yes, yes, it is,” I acknowledged.

“We heard a woman screaming,” said the other.  “Is everything all right?”

“Um, that was just my wife,’ I said, “She was, um, she’s …she’s fine.”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to come in and check,” said the first constable, and they pushed past me into the room.  Mark, Emily and Miranda were now all decently covered, although Mark couldn’t seem to find one shoe, and somebody’s bra was still on the floor.  Jacquie sat up on the table, the sheet wrapped around her.  Everyone looked sheepishly at the constables. 

“What the devil is going on here?” said the older officer. 

“Looks like some kind of orgy, sir,” said the younger.

“It’s my birthday,” Jacquie said softly. 

The police quickly determined that nobody was hurt or under duress, and scooted Mark and the two girls out of there.  Then they turned to us.

“Well now,” said the older officer.  “We have disturbing the peace here at a minimum.  Lewd conduct.  I’m sure we can come up with more once we get you two down to the station.“  Jacquie blanched.

“But, but is that really necessary?” she protested.   “We were just having a little party.  It’s, it’s my birthday…” she trailed off with a little sob.  She brushed her hair back from her face with one hand, and the sheet  slipped a little, revealing one lovely breast.  She mustered a little smile.

“Couldn’t we…isn’t there something we could do?” She looked at me, then back to the two policemen.  She smiled again and the sheet slipped a little more, both breasts now exposed.  One seemed to have a small bite mark. 

“Um, sir…” mumbled the younger policeman.  “Perhaps…” they stepped away into the kitchen and Jacquie gave me a brave smile and covered herself up again.  The policemen returned.

“Well,” said the older.  “Can you assure us that everything here was done on a, shall we say, voluntary basis?” 

“Oh yes,” Jacquie said.  “Totally voluntary.”  The cop looked at me and I nodded agreement.

“And you weren’t injured?” he asked.

“No,” Jacquie said.  “Well, maybe a little bruise or two.” She looked down sheepishly.

“Hmm…” murmured the officer.  “Perhaps we can overlook this.  But we’ll have to examine you to make sure you are quite unharmed.”  He looked at me.

“Perhaps you can wait in the other room, sir.”  I went back to the kitchen.  I heard murmured voices, then silence.  Then I heard Jacquie again.  But not words.  This was more like before.  Sounds of….pleasure.  I peeked around the doorway. 

Jacquie was on her hands and knees on the massage table.  The older officer stood at the top, completely naked, his cock inside Jacquie’s mouth.  Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him.  The younger cop was behind her, his hands on her hips, pounding her hard from behind.  I heard a slapping sound each time he made contact with her round ass.  Grunts and moans of pleasure came from Jacquie’s throat as she was pleasured at both ends.  Suddenly the young cop cried out and thrust hard and fast a few times, then exploded inside Jacquie’s cunt.  He sagged and staggered to the sofa and the older cop took his place, slipping his hard dick into Jacquie’s already well-fucked pussy.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he thrust, fucking her hard and deep, and from the deep-throated noises she made I could tell she loved every minute of it.  He raised a hand and smacked her ass hard, then again, and twice more, leaving red hand marks on either cheek.  The naked cop stuck a finger in his mouth then lowered it to Jacquie’s ass, teasing her asshole as he fucked her.  He worked the wet finger inside her and began sliding it on and out in rhythm with his fucking.  Jacquie began making loud grunting noises, pushing back against the cop as he fucked her.  He added a second finger, fucking her ass with his fingers while his big cock pounded her cunt.  He pulled back, took his slick cock in his hand and directed it at her puckered asshole.  She pushed back against him and his dick disappeared inside her.  Grabbing her hips, he began thrusting hard and fast into Jacquie’s ass. 

“Oh god,” Jacquie said.  “Oh god.  You’re fucking my ass.  Oh yes.  Fuck my ass!  FUCK my ass!  FUCK!  YEAH!!  OH FUUUCK!!!”  She bucked and the cop’s dick slipped out of her, a rope of cum spurting from it and landing on her back and across her ass.  Another jet erupted into her hair and across her body, then another and one more.   Jacquie collapsed onto the table, her body heaving.  The cop pulled the sheet up over her and stepped away.  I moved to the table and wrapped my arms around her.  She heaved silently beneath me, too overwhelmed and out of breath to speak. 

When I next looked around, the two cops were dressed.  They nodded at me and made their way to the door, walking out and closing it behind them.  I looked down at Jacquie.

“What a marvelous birthday, you dear man,” she said, giving me a kiss.  “Now take me upstairs and fuck me properly.”